How-to Fold a Five Intersecting Tetrahedra Dodecahedron

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Introduction: How-to Fold a Five Intersecting Tetrahedra Dodecahedron

A really cool type of modular origami. When you see one it just makes you stare at it for hours. So purty...anyways, this is my second tutorial so if you like it know, let me know or something.



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I ignored your advice and made a 4inch one... it was hell to make but it turned out alright. Thanks for the ible!!

13, 8:05 PM.jpg

It depends how big the modules are. Normal copy paper is fine to be honest. If you want to make a really big one using paper that is 42cm by 14cm from A3 paper then cardstock may be better. I have made this out of 80gsm copy paper using 21cm by 7cm and it seems fairly sturdy.

da third one is so hard

Yes, third one is hard, but when you finish third one, then is easy.

I find the first two are easy then like you say the third is quite difficult. Just sit and look at it for ages and you will see the pattern. Once you have the third one in the fourth is quite easy and the last one is quite easy. Over all it makes a very nice model I think. I have made 3 of these so far. One in colours, one in dollar bills and also one in dollar bills printed in 5 different colours.

Can't get 3rd tetrahedra in :<

"...or something, I usually just call them spikey balls"
I laughed so hard. Thanks for the instructions, very cool!

FFFUUUU---- I can't understand how you're doing the part when you "invert the triangle fold" around 4:50 in your first video. My middle part always gets too large and it never seems to fold right. Does anyone know of another video or site with illustrations that give a better angle and/or closer view?