How-to fold a Five Intersecting Tetrahedra Dodecahedron

video How-to fold a Five Intersecting Tetrahedra Dodecahedron
A really cool type of modular origami. When you see one it just makes you stare at it for hours. So purty...anyways, this is my second tutorial so if you like it then...you know, let me know or something.
lpschirb4 months ago
drumdude2 years ago
I ignored your advice and made a 4inch one... it was hell to make but it turned out alright. Thanks for the ible!!
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does cardstock work well for this?
It depends how big the modules are. Normal copy paper is fine to be honest. If you want to make a really big one using paper that is 42cm by 14cm from A3 paper then cardstock may be better. I have made this out of 80gsm copy paper using 21cm by 7cm and it seems fairly sturdy.
short dude6 years ago
da third one is so hard
Yes, third one is hard, but when you finish third one, then is easy.
I find the first two are easy then like you say the third is quite difficult. Just sit and look at it for ages and you will see the pattern. Once you have the third one in the fourth is quite easy and the last one is quite easy. Over all it makes a very nice model I think. I have made 3 of these so far. One in colours, one in dollar bills and also one in dollar bills printed in 5 different colours.
inergy4 years ago
Can't get 3rd tetrahedra in :<
Kaiven4 years ago
"...or something, I usually just call them spikey balls"
I laughed so hard. Thanks for the instructions, very cool!
gaaarg5 years ago
FFFUUUU---- I can't understand how you're doing the part when you "invert the triangle fold" around 4:50 in your first video. My middle part always gets too large and it never seems to fold right. Does anyone know of another video or site with illustrations that give a better angle and/or closer view?
knuckelX25 years ago
im using tape
i cant get the strips of paper even D:
diyluke5 years ago
very Nice. And for those of you who dont know. Making these are a Christmas tradition in Germany.
nsbd5 years ago
Thanks - the videos are good : )
great videos! I'v made about 7 of them so far
 Dude im SO confused can u plz psot ..structable im trying to put in the 3 tetrahedra but i dont wnat to make it rong please help,
Steve Bob
rustymia5 years ago
 Where r u from u have a funny accent i like it
amg12936 years ago
i have a question when you cut the complete piece of paper you cut it into a perfect square or a rectangle and if it is a rectangle wich measures . i would really appreciate your answer thanks.
cut a square into 3rds, or have a sheet of paper that has the ratio of sides equal to 3:1
ppiksderf6 years ago
i am building one right now and they are very hard im on my third and for a moment i sucked just like you said. thanx for the vids i couldnt find this anywhere except one that was very unclear
i repied to my own comment lol
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im gunna stop now
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i replied to the comment about replying to the comment about stopping to commenting on your comments to your own comment
GregorN6 years ago
Uh yea right now finish, regards from Slovenia 1:44 in morning, finish Five Intersecting Tetrahedra =) Good Night
adriv6 years ago
uuuhh finally got it...took me a while, the third one is the hardest to get in
adriv6 years ago
the pieces are hard to put together...they get separated really easy, i can't manage to do the piramid
vianka996 years ago
what is moviemagic?
Evan6066 years ago
"...Then you suck and its not actually my fault" LOL i laughed so hard at this part. nice video very detailed.
elyena6 years ago
Where are you from? You have an interesting accent! (almost sounds Norwegian, from what I remember from a year and a half ago...) Very cool project, I think I will make one on my break :)
Adkit (author)  elyena6 years ago
I'm swedish. swedish, norwegian and danish all sound pretty much similar except a few things here and there. we borrow a lot of words from each other languages and so on. though I've never heard anyone from scandinavia talk english. x.x only Stellan Skarsgård but he's a famous actor so his accent isn't that bad. he was in Minority Report for crying out loud! *jealous*
elyena Adkit6 years ago
Ah okay! Yeah, I dated a Norwegian once, and have a Swedish friend. I'd love to learn a Scandinavian language, maybe even all of them. Shouldn't be too hard once I've got one, I think. I've never heard of Stellan Skarsgård, or Minority Report, but that's cool. :)
FatetoHoax6 years ago
wao!! how awesome. i will get right on to making one.