How to Fold a Piggy!





Introduction: How to Fold a Piggy!

Do you have paper?.. a blade? and some free time to make a piggy?
If you do, then watch my hands...

This is my first video I'm uploading onto Instructables. It was a project between myself and a Sound Design/ Producer friend of mine. Jonathan Eva from Slinky Productions. It was an interesting collaborative effort with me doing the filming, and he did all the audio production and sound design. I hope you enjoy it, and pick up on the carefull sound design.

If your a bit disGruntled and want clear enough instructions, then here is an instruction leaflet for folding your own piggy: This leaflet was not created by me, as I learnt how to fold this pig when I was a young bacon slice.  If you want to sWhine about my instructable not being descriptive enough... then please go ahead and air your opinions. 

Please visit my design website, Jozi Design and like the facebook page. 

Jozi Design.



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    you are way too not explaining what to fold...

    what did you do on 1:21 ?

    the music was ok but i cant really understand what you were doing...