You ever wanted to impress your girlfriend or boyfriend by folding your clothes in lightspeed? This instructable will teach you how you can fold your shirt in a few seconds!

Step 1: Preparing

To start, place your t-shirt with the logo to the top on a flat surface in front of you.

Step 2: The First Touch

Grab the shirt with your left hand on upper left edge right next to the collar.

Step 3: Imagine

Now take your right hand and touch the t-shirt right in the middle, but on the same line as your first grab.

Step 4: Doing Kung-fu

Move your left hand behind your right hand to the end of the line you saw in the previous step.

Step 5: Unravel

Now unravel your hand by moving them up. After this step you will hold your t-shirt right in the air.

Step 6: Nearly Done

Now fold your t-shirt like show in the picture. Just place it on the table by force a crease in the middle of the shirt.

Step #4: Doing Kung Fu is my favorite...but only bc of its a most appropriate name for the move required to complete that step! ?
<p>Dude Thanks! Its awesome.</p>
Awesome. Nice watch!
wouldn't you have someone else do it if you were like a boss? ;)
<p>superb bro!!!!!!!!!</p>
Really neat way to fold the tshirt! Nice apple watch
Those Kung-fu moves are lethal!
<p>Hahaha this is how I fold my tshirts! I love the space invader shirt as well! </p>
<p>very cool!</p>

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