How-to Fold an Origami Magic Rose Cube





Introduction: How-to Fold an Origami Magic Rose Cube

How to make an Origami Magic Rose Cube. Or a Magic Rose as I call it. Why is it magic? Because it can transform from a normal box into a beautiful rose with some simple moves! It's so cool. And simple to make too.



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    made it no problem first time in about 15mins (had to cut paper to squares). this video is good and easy to follow if you just pause it each step and look carefully. would be clearer if the camera angle was straight on instead of side ways but it works!

    I didn't think this was confusing at all. Thanks a lot for this Adkit, it helps
    to be able to see in a video rather than just in pictures :)

    Also, I find with models like this where the pieces move quite a bit, normal paper is better than origami paper. It's a bit thicker, so the creases don't tend to rip like they can do with the thinner paper

    I love the design and I think you presented it in a great clear whey. I understand every step even though English is may second language (it probably shows in my spelling). Great job.

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    Sure, but "ya" is spelled "yeah" ;D "Whey" is a watery byproduct of making cheese! Seriously though, both of you spell much better than many people online. Although for that matter, I've known many a super-smart person who couldn't spell!

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    No you came across as english, probaly because of all the bad spellers on this site...