Introduction: How-to Fold an Origami Magic Rose Cube

How to make an Origami Magic Rose Cube. Or a Magic Rose as I call it. Why is it magic? Because it can transform from a normal box into a beautiful rose with some simple moves! It's so cool. And simple to make too.


taemuli (author)2013-09-12

made it no problem first time in about 15mins (had to cut paper to squares). this video is good and easy to follow if you just pause it each step and look carefully. would be clearer if the camera angle was straight on instead of side ways but it works!

If anyone was confused by this instructable (no offence adkit- It was a little confusing)
I have found an alternative site
Just view step 1-2-3 -really easy to follow
The Link is:

yeah, thanks for the trust there, buddy. also, I don't even think that tutorial was easier than mine. they did it the confusing way.

alindley (author)Adkit2012-11-05

I didn't think this was confusing at all. Thanks a lot for this Adkit, it helps
to be able to see in a video rather than just in pictures :)

alindley (author)alindley2012-11-05

Also, I find with models like this where the pieces move quite a bit, normal paper is better than origami paper. It's a bit thicker, so the creases don't tend to rip like they can do with the thinner paper

Shadowfury (author)Adkit2009-06-25

That site made it seem harder than it was. Adkit's video was better.

jessyho862013 (author)2012-08-14

nice one lolzzz

i also made a small magic rose cube too

olenka (author)2008-12-12

I love the design and I think you presented it in a great clear whey. I understand every step even though English is may second language (it probably shows in my spelling). Great job.

daninja (author)olenka2009-03-11

Ya. it shows in your spelling. "whey" is spelled "way"

fullerenedream (author)daninja2009-04-16

Sure, but "ya" is spelled "yeah" ;D "Whey" is a watery byproduct of making cheese! Seriously though, both of you spell much better than many people online. Although for that matter, I've known many a super-smart person who couldn't spell!

ha! You mean super-smart people. You said super-smart person. Person doesn't go with the rest of the sentence because you said many thats more than one and person means one. And people is more then one. I'm only 13 and I know that.

Karina0224 (author)corina51152012-03-28

Specifically, they said, "many a smart person" and the a makes it perfectly fine and actually better grammar. I'm only 13 and I know that. Really. Just in case you weren't sure, there you go. So nice try, but you are actually wrong, so you're aware.

taylorlittle (author)corina51152010-12-23

Well if you want to be a grammar Nazi, at least act like one. When you are talking about an amount it's "than", "then" references a time. :P Everyone makes mistakes typing, it's no big deal, you don't need to point it out every time.

Actually "many an X" is an expression, like "many a day" or "many a time".

No worries though - it is an archaic expression!

Saturn V (author)fullerenedream2010-04-10

I find it wierd that people using english as a second language can spell much better than those who know only english.

grooooovy (author)Saturn V2010-09-09

Hahahahaha-totally agree

true that!

Saturn V (author)daninja2010-04-10

olenka also spelled "my" as "may".

freakyqwerty (author)olenka2010-12-07

No you came across as english, probaly because of all the bad spellers on this site...

infob (author)2012-02-02

Done. Nice. Thanks.

firax252 (author)2011-10-30

tonights gonna be a good night that tonights gonna be a good night that tonights gonna be a good night beat it i was just kidding but this is hard

firax252 (author)2011-10-30

This is so comfussing

EmmaWatsonLover (author)2011-05-24

awsome thanks dude!

maximoose (author)2011-03-17

Wowie!!! This is awesome. Thank you!!

middlekid (author)2010-11-28

Your accent is what make you who you are. I wish every country took the time in teaching their people two languages. I don't speak Swedish.
I only speak English and Japanese.
Do you also speak any other languages?

neonaddict (author)2010-10-02

this is amazing! i seriously want to get into origami!

grooooovy (author)2010-09-09

This is awesome! Thanks for posting this!

scarywaffles (author)2010-07-21

Its very confusing at first but once you've mastered thow to make it and to open/close it. its a piece of cake!! thanks adkit..!! ive made this for my origami project and therye all amaze!!

Chikara (author)2010-06-18

made one for mothers' day.

HazelPethig (author)2010-06-10

This is excellent, and so is your english! Thanks, Hazel

bobbo57 (author)2010-02-26


scott2211 (author)2010-02-01

 This is great! Just made one, it looks awesome. Thanks dude :)

suggestion for others : make your card squares around 4 or 5 inches to get a decent sized box. Mine were 3 inches and it would look better a bit bigger

AtomicLemon24 (author)2009-12-30

cool instructable, but I couldn't finish it.  It was too hard to see what was going on in the grainy video.  Are there other instructions online?

dopman (author)2009-10-22

Great instructable!!!!!   du har en intressant "dialekt" jag tycker den låter häftig :D

jakezcop (author)2009-08-17

hey nice, gave this to my girlfriend and she loved it :) (i like ur accent) :P

ajaymeister (author)2009-08-07

thanks alot Adkit. really nice and clear instructions :) made it first time no problems

bjornacorn (author)2009-08-07

Cool accent and rose box.

Jteezy (author)2009-07-26

i made 1 out of post-its also, very awesome instructable, 5*

unbentcrayfish (author)2008-04-15

you can get origami paper at the wall to wall mart! or a michles...Target i think

Wall Mart's overrated. Just go to the art or craft store, it's cheaper there.

Adkit (author)unbentcrayfish2008-04-15

again, I'm swedish. only americans have "wall mart".

man ray (author)2009-06-25

wow went to bed for couple hours got something to eat its really easy

man ray (author)2009-06-25

OMG been stuck on the next like 5 steps starting at 2:50 for like 2 hours

r3ddr4gon (author)2009-06-24

i got 3000 origami papers for 10.00

saxmaster765 (author)2009-06-16

This is pretty cool! I made a big one, and one out of the scraps.You should either use a clearer camera, or put it closer to what you're doing. But I got it together, and its really cool! This is one of the best origami instructables. -The Saxmaster

grcl50 (author)2009-05-18

can you do it in pics

siningreaper (author)2009-05-08

dude dont worrie about ur speech...most of us americans cant even speak right anyways lol great job... i love this instructable... cant wait to try it ...

barry_allen7 (author)2009-05-01

My computer won't load it. =(

mingli030881 (author)2009-03-20

thx for share, my gf very love this flower.

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