How to Fold Paper Umbrella




Introduction: How to Fold Paper Umbrella

Umbrella is a commonly used tool in our daily life, whatever is fine or rainy. We can use umbrella to shelter from the sun and the rain, but how about a paper umbrella? What is it used for and how to make a paper umbrella?
Step 1: make the umbrella cover
Take out one piece of bigger square paper. Do the folding work as follows.

Step 2: make the umbrella rib
Take out the other piece of smaller square paper. Do as the following showed.

Step 3: make the umbrella handle
Roll up a piece of rectangular paper.

Step 4: the ending work
Combine the three parts together.

As far, paper umbrella is made already. If you have mastered how to make a paper umbrella, you can show off it to your friends. Just be proud of yourself.



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