How to Fold the Paper Piggyback Jet.


Introduction: How to Fold the Paper Piggyback Jet.

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This is my fourth 'ible. It's a paper airplane that looks like two, though you only use one sheet of paper. Also, check out

Step 1: Main Formation.

This is where you begin your folds, follow carefully, fold exactly where you should, and don't hurt yourself. YOU MUST READ ALL NOTES!

Step 2: The Rest.

Now it's easy, just do as I say.

Step 3: Finished!!!

Now go have fun with your very own piggyback jet.



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    12 Discussions

    Made it and cannot get it to fly for the life of me. Still a cool design though.

    Cool. When I made my own plane to do the same thing, I used a different approach though. I used inverted gull wings for clearance. My plane is called the Courier Dart and looks like this:

    Instructables 17 021.jpgInstructables 17 022.jpg

    I had that problem too but it probably will with a bit of practice. NOTE: even if it flies, it's not likely for it to fly straight.