First of all thank you very much for reading my instrcutable.As,we all know that the TV remote is the cause of fights among  us and our siblings(specially the younger ones).So, was my case .I and my younger sister had a quarrel very often over the remote.So, I decided to do something about it.
I searched the website  and found this project by Kipkay .I decided to prank my sister by making the remote jammer.The remote will be with her but what purpose does it serve if it does not work!!!

Keep on reading the instructable to find out how to make it.

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Here is ready of the thing in action(i coudn't film it when i pranked my sister,the cameras too big and it could make her suspicious!!girls you know!!!!!!!!)-

Step 1: How Does This Really Work ?

The concept is pretty simple and easy.You press a button. When you do that you complete a specific connection. The chip senses that connection and knows what button you pressed. It produces a morse-code-line signal specific to that button.

The transistors amplify the signal and send them to the infrared LED, which translates the signal into infrared light. The sensor in the TV can see the infrared light and "seeing" the signal reacts appropriately.

The frequency of this transmission is between 35kHz to 40kHz(38kHz in most of them).What the jammer does is that it sends out a steady stream of binary code at the same frequency as of the remote.The TV cannot decode as it contains no information.

The information transmitted by the remote does not get pass through as the jammer is on and does not respond at all.
So, the remote is jammed and you can tune in on to one channel and give away the remote.
<p>canyou help me to create a 433 mhz jammer?</p>
So if you win shouldn't Kipkay win since it was originally HIS instructable? I'll ask him lol
ya!! I will do that only if I win!! <br>And thats the toughest part i guess!! <br> <br>Thnx fr viewing my ible. hope u liked it <br>Pranjal
Is it necessary to use the timer chip and all of that circuitry? If the tv is getting a constant stream of IR light wouldn't that be enough to confuse and jam the remote? It seems like it would be a lot simpler to just have 2 IR LED's connected to a battery.
Yes it is necessary to use them. <br>Coz if u connect it directly the IR LED does not have the frequency at which it should transmit the pulses.Its like telling someone to run but not telling how fast to run. <br>Thnx for the comment. <br>Pranjal
Ah I see it now. Very nice 'ible! voted for you in the april fools contest. good luck!
Thanx a lot!!
This reminds me of when my son played a trick on me one night when I was watching TV. He had a remote outside that would turn off the TV. I would turn it on and it would go off. Finally I quit watching TV because I thought there was something wrong. After he got out of college he told me about his prank! Hope you had fun! I know he did! <br>sunshiine
Be carefull that your son does not get to know about this or else he will prank you again !! <br>And thanks for the comment <br>Pranjal

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