How to Form a Night Biking Society





Introduction: How to Form a Night Biking Society

Riding bikes is fun. Riding bikes at night is a whole lot of fun. Better yet with a gang, crew, or posse, exploring the dark corners of the city, ending with a raised glass. Not hard to do it your way---here is my way.

Step 1: Tap the Members

Any likely bunch will do. Try to mix it up gender-wise, unlike this bunch of computer scientists.

Step 2: Gather the Society

You need a place to meet. Somewhere central that everyone can find easily. Say, the flagpole in the middle of campus.

Step 3: Wait Until Dark

That is kind of the point of night biking, yes?

Step 4: You're Going to Need Lights

To be safe riding at night you need to be seen (by drivers)---bring blinky lights with fresh batteries. Less crucial is being able to see, but you can bring a headlamp like intrepid Sean here, or a headlight bright enough to illuminate the road like Carsten.

Step 5: Pick a Route

Somewhere without too much traffic, somewhere you don't normally go, somewhere you didn't think you could get to from here. Ideally somewhere that looks pretty at night, like downtown Pittsburgh, the Paris of Pennsylvania.

Step 6: Ride Across a Bridge

Or not.

Step 7: Ride Through a Tunnel

Or don't.

Step 8: Have a Beer

You've earned it.

Step 9: Have Another Beer

That other place was too crowded.

Step 10: Ride Home

Don't drink too many beers or you won't be able to see! Happy night biking!



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    have you guys seen those bike after dark lights? they are awesome for night riding, they light up the entire ground when youre riding. pretty badass

    woohoo~! biking in Pittsburgh at night is the sweetest thing. Check out Homewood Cemetary around sunset, lots of fireflies around during summer!

    I love night biking. My posse recently split ways. We found the more lights the better. We had 3 guys each with 3 handlebar mounted headlights and then a couple headlamps. Also a few red taillights out the back. People had no idea what was coming at them on the sidewalk. We got so many cheers from passing cars. Very nerdy, very awesome.

    Sorry, but riding on sidewalks is illegal. Bicycles are bound to the same rules of other motorvehicles. I ride my bike primarily at night, and have to say that I have fewer problems than in the day. Use high quality, high intensity lighting (remeber, it's your but on the line) and obey the rules. The pedestrians should get respect too. My rear light is visible from 1.5 miles out (according to the producer.) I checked once and found that it was pretty damned obvious at 1 mile. Assuming a closing speed of 45-50 mph (The car- your speed) that will give the driver well over 75 seconds to see you. Be friendly, wave and pick up screws at intersections and show them to drivers (sort of Forest Gump like) and you will win car friends.

    You're cool, Leebry. You just look square. Underneath it all, I think you're really hep.

    If you'd like more night riding ideas, check out

    Here's a video about Midnight Ridazz.

    what is you opinion of somone who isnt a geek, nerd whatever?

    I live in the country in New York. People drive like retards here, all the time. Bad idea to do this here.

    I love this, your pictures are kinda blurry though try setting your camera to night or somethin

    methinks it was probobly more the "you earned it."step's fault that the images are fuzzy...