Step 4: if formatted than good!

this will show them who is the real boss!
<p>How to undo these?</p>
<p>How to undo these?</p>
this sounds like you would get in trouble for doing this.
Why would you want to do this? You can get in some serious trouble for formatting the C:\ drive at school. If you want to become a programmer, do something helpful like creating an application or game. Hackers do this kind of stuff, but even then, hackers are very prestigious and don't want their rep ruined. There are such things as good hackers (ethical hackers). Look it up. But anyways, don't waste your time screwing a computer up, because you wouldn't like someone to do that to your computer
Yes, this sounds... dangerous... at best. Formatting a hard disk at any rate is a risky venture, especially if one does not know the EXACT contents of the disk. Critical data can be lost due to ignorance.<br /> <br /> It is recoverable, for a school system. Most use a ghosting software that boots from an external disk and can copy the entire necessary contents of a student terminal from a common network drive, provided a school network is available.<br /> <br /> In any other case, residential or commercial, in which ghosting is not used, it is a little more difficult to recover the functionality of the workstation. Fortunately, the manufacturers of most computers provide backup registered copies of the OS and programs provided from the factory.<br /> <br /> The next level down on the badness scale is if the user has lost the factory reset disks. In that case, a new OS needs to be bought ($200 - $700 depending) along with all the programs that are taken for granted (Word, Antivirus, Adobe, etc.). Fortunately, due to the popularity of the advent of open source programming, replacements for most everything can be found online for free (Open Office, Ubuntu, Firefox, Foxit). While I do revel in the opportunity to convert people to the open source lifestyle, it takes a bit of experience and technical know how to install and acquire everything needed to make the system work properly.<br /> <br /> At worst, and this will most likely happen, device drivers will be lost. To the technically inexperienced, these are not replaceable. Unknown motherboard PCI slot designations and forgotten devices are nigh impossible to find drivers for and that goes double for obsolete hardware.<br /> <br /> As someone who has had to format a hard disk to install a new OS (Windows 7), I strongly advise against any action that would similarly erase a hard drive. Especially if the scenario results in an unsuspecting soul having to do so without due preparation.<br />
I'm with you on the open-source lifestyle....it's so much better.
This is just thoughtlessly destroying someone else's property. Not to mention wasting taxpayer dollars. Why would you do this?
Why would you want to format a school computer unless you are an administrator?
Why oh why oh why?
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READER ADVICE:<br /> <br /> The program is not a prank. it does seriously destroy a PC or MAC

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