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After writing any image with an OS for your raspberry pi, you may have notice that no matter the size of your SD card, windows can only recognize one partition with about 60 mb. If you try to format it in the Computer menu (righ-click on it and press format), it will only free the space in that partition, to have access to the full space you have two options (only one is needed):
- SIMPLE PROCESS: step 1 - SD Formatter
- ADVANCED PROCESS: step 2 - DiskPart

Step 1: SIMPLE PROCESS: SD Formatter

Picture of SIMPLE PROCESS: SD Formatter
1 - Download and install this software (from the SD card Organization) :

2 - Open the program, and select the right drive (in my case is G:), after that just click "FORMAT"

3 - You have just formatted your SD card! CONGRATULATIONS
MarcoK16 months ago

Thanks. I saved may 64 GB SD Card.

Thanks a bunch to the person who made this! just saved an 8gb card from the trash :D

magamig (author)  steven.gagne.370518 months ago

Glad I could help (:

thanks for creating this! i have a stack of cheap sd cards that we're going to try to breathe a bit more life into them by trying this. otherwise, we might go toward making some cool accents for crafting projects.

YamagaMoura24 days ago

I'll try the first solution, as I've never heard about that. I read an article that suggests to check and repair bad sectors with chkdsk or third-party tools. what's your idea about that? there is the article I read: http://www.eassos.com/how-to/windows-was-unable-to...

waiting for your opinion

AtulP21 month ago
Victor8o52 months ago

Thanks, my SD card was at 800MB when it supposedly had 16GB, did the DiskPart thing and now it's back to 14.8GB.

MaisieK made it!6 months ago

Thanks! First method is great, saved most of my best SD card! (Don't know where the rest got to but 14.3GB is OK)

Dwm 2015-02-28 14-20-35-80.png
AuroraP MaisieK2 months ago

Thats a more exact measurement of how much space you have. 15/16GB is a general estimate of the amount of memory.

HardikD12 months ago
HardikD1 HardikD12 months ago

i have many attempts (refresh) but don't show any drive

Agante3 months ago

After way too long did I stumble onto this advice. I'm very very happy I did, many thanks !!

hasnt worked for me either :( tried both methods....i opened a fresh microsdhc card, 16gb......windows wouldnt let me use it, insisted i format, using it in a cheap mp3 player connected with usb cable.....tried many times to get the 16gb back but no use, still only showing 3.69gb........i hate windows

more than likely thats why. It's a cheap MP3 player. Get a normal android device and it should run it fine.

lovealljsr3 months ago

I try this process but after deletion folders come again in sd card

nmitry5 months ago


davide.plavan6 months ago

After many failed tries, I got the solution: on my pc (Win 7 64, SD with adapter) I had to unplug and reinsert the card after the "clean" command in diskpart. Lets go Raspberry!

Same thing here. Had to reinsert after clean.

ssrivastava14 made it!6 months ago

In my case , both the methods failed to work (this is what i conclude after observing the space being shown both in command line utility and in windows explorer (win7x64)).
I dont have a memory card reader so i used my samsung galaxy ace to make the card readable by the computer.

After 2 attempts , i felt REALLY BAD and HOPELESS too :(.
But then this happened-

I removed the card from the phone and the phone said "sd card may be damaged , you might want to format it."
I proceeded and disconnected the usb cable and formatted it from phone's utility itself (it asked me to enter the pattern lock password)

and Here I am a happy person. :-)

I just saved myself my 16gb class 10 sandisk micro sd card without worrying about getting replacement from the company (i hate service centers and the troubles they cause).

I would really appreciate if someone can put some light on 'How it might have happened'

Note :- i use it with my raspberry pi and i dont know why the command line interface abruptly stopped recognizing commands today morning. I read in some forums that it IS LIKELY because of the power consumption of the setup ,and the only solution available is to re-install the OS. It will be really helpful if someone can put some light on this thing too.
Thanks :)

Mecknavorz7 months ago

Thanks! the first one worked :)

MunishN7 months ago

Thanks Guys for sharing this but it didn't work with me. Still my 8 GB Micro SDHC use only 2.7 GB memory.

magamig (author)  MunishN7 months ago

Try to make a disk verification to see if it has no physical problem. And then try both methods here presented.
Please let me know what are the results!

JoyantaR9 months ago

nice tips.... I just made it. thanks

JoyantaR9 months ago

nice tips.... I just made it. thanks

hello thank you for putting this out there but it did not work for me any ideas

magamig (author)  john.chow.77377610 months ago
Have you tried both ways?
What is the error that it gives you?
Does the computer recognize the SD card? And what OS are you using?

just reformatted it in the cam now show 59 gig i think this will work

thx again

magamig (author)  john.chow.77377610 months ago

great news! hope this tuto helped!

the main problem was i used the sd card in my mobus cam before i formated it so it used up about 30 gig on a 64 gig card then i formatted it and it only formatted the unused part wich was about 34 gig now it only sees the 34 gigs

using win 7 so i have try the computer and the stand alone programs and this method with no change

thank you very much for your time to help me