How to freak out your friends (with their computer) [Tricks and Fun Volume 1]

Step 5: The Result!!!

Picture of The Result!!!
The Result will be ALOT of messages making your friend think theirs a virus on his/her computer!

It will be easier to understand by looking at the picture below.
SwordAce3 years ago
You could also say ":LOOP msgbox "Windows has encountered an serious error and cannot continue.",89, "ERROR" GOTO LOOP" (do not add the quotation marks at the VERY end of the code (not the message) and the very begging (not the message) if you are posting the code! Do that for SUPREME impact on your PC!
michaelb9584 years ago
Suggestion: Save this as error.vbs, removing the number at the start of each line.

1 set z = createobject("wscript.shell")
2 do
3 z.run "error.vbs"
4 msgbox "Windows has encountered an error and cannot continue.", 16, "ERROR"
5 loop

It opens itself before displaying the message, and the thing it opened does the same. Also, when one message is acknowledged, it opens two more!