Oreos. Mans greatest achievement. These wonderful snack cakes are enjoyable to everyone with a glass of milk. But man soon grows bored with his simple dessert. What else is there to do to an already amazing snack?! Fry it.

Step 1: Ingredients

10 (or however many can quench your insatiable hunger) Regular Oreos
1 Bottle of Vegetable Oil
1* Box of Pancake Mix
1 Mixing bowl
1 Saucepan

* Instead of pancake mix, you can just substitute your own pancake batter or even waffle batter.
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. i dont know <br>
no offence or anything but are you american (like from the states?) <br>
Going Crazy Delisiouzz Humm ....Amazing Idea!
These are great!Thanks for the recipe.
Awesome! I remember eating these on the hot days of the Iowa State Fair. Thank you for sharing the recipe!
Just made them, and I quite like them. Thanks for the recipe!
Your welcome! :)
hey you just stole this idea from ANN WARD
frozen hot chocolate is good too. You take a small ice cube tray and make chocolate ice balls then batter and fry. super yumm
Deep fried Twinkies are amazing too. Maybe one way to keep the items from melting during the frying step is to start with chilled items.
I ha... the w... Bu...&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br>WHOA!
I made these for the boys while they watched the football game...they were a hit! and soooo tastey! thanks!
LOVE this recipe Great instructable!!!
I tried this. Wow five stars my friend. It was simply amazing. Also i fried a cookies and cream bar and it was also simply amazing. Keep on rocking.<br>
In Holland people eat fried stuff, you make them with a special batter. They're called 'oliebollen' (= oil balls, literally) and they are eaten at new years eve. With some raisins in them and powdersugar, they're lovely!
What?!?! <br> <br>Don't they have 'oliebollen' in the U.S.? <br> <br>How do they make it through New Years Eve without oliebollen? <br> <br>Some more info: <br>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oliebollen <br>http://clogsandtulips.blogspot.com/2010/01/food-of-note-oliebollen.html <br>http://tdsrecipes.blogspot.com/2009/09/oliebollen.html <br> <br>BTW: Thanks for your Oreo recipe! Will try tonight! <br>
dude, i just made them. it was AWESOME!:) <br><br>BUT, i have to say, the batter can do WAYYY more than 10 oreos coz i made like, god knows how many and i still have some in the fridge now
The genus and species of that cooking utensil is a spatchula.
You, sir, have open up the door to Deep Fried Heaven! <br>Imagine the possabilities! Nutter Butters, Reese's, Milky Ways... <br>*goes grab a towel to mop up the drool*
Awesome, I ate some at a street faire and was suprised how great they taste- like molten chocolate cake.<br><br>Thanks for working out how to make them!
Goog, interesting <br><a href="http://interny-tv.net/">музыка из сериала ИНТЕРНЫ</a>
they look like oilibollen (pardon my spelling)
you might try this with Nutter Butters or Almond Roca.<br>
Looks good! I might try the Snickers and Reeses versions, never thought of those... They sound almost better then fried oreos ;P
no offense, but I feel sickened yet excited at the site of this.
I'm excited enough for the both of us.
THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks :)
they look a lot like the dutch 'oil balls' or olie bollen ( in dutch ) we eat at 31 december in Holland <br>
you aint got no pancake mix! :P <br>youtube for those who dont know! <br> <br>i gotta try these look awesome. when i saw the name i was laughing my head off !
I'm definitely going to try this some time.
<br> They look nice, a worthwhile exercise!<br> <br> L<br>
i call that utensil Scoopy-Flip :3
Those look an awful lot like Oreo-filled beignets. Mmmmm....oily fried goodness.

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