Step 2: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
You will need:
• Turkey fry pot and accessories
• Propane burner designed for large pots
• Propane
• A turkey!
• Refined peanut oil (higher smoke point than unrefined)
• Optional: whatever rub, flavor injection, brine or special preparation ingredients you would like to flavor your turkey. See next step for suggestions.

Most turkey fryer kits will come with a basket, thermometer, hook and all the basic things you will need to fry your turkey. Some also come with the propane burner. If you don't have a large propane burner already, it is going to be best to get a kit that comes with everything. Home Depot carries a full kit that's cheap. This one is a little nicer, but doesn't include a basket, so that would need to be purchased separately.