Step 2: What You Need

You will need:
• Turkey fry pot and accessories
• Propane burner designed for large pots
• Propane
• A turkey!
• Refined peanut oil (higher smoke point than unrefined)
• Optional: whatever rub, flavor injection, brine or special preparation ingredients you would like to flavor your turkey. See next step for suggestions.

Most turkey fryer kits will come with a basket, thermometer, hook and all the basic things you will need to fry your turkey. Some also come with the propane burner. If you don't have a large propane burner already, it is going to be best to get a kit that comes with everything. Home Depot carries a full kit that's cheap. This one is a little nicer, but doesn't include a basket, so that would need to be purchased separately.
I've done about 6 or 7 now. I really like that you mentioned turning off the burner while adding the bird. I think its the best safety tip around, and my manual didn't mention it. I discovered it myself on my third attempt which was a bit oversize and could have been bad if we weren't paying attention.
Duck is sublime, goose is still goose (not a fan of goose cooked in any way). I like to fry spam while the bird cooks ( I use a long hot dog fork) to help fend off the teenager appetites...they got hooked on spam a few years back on a camping trip!
nice,I have been deep frying birds for over 15 years.IMO it is the only way to do turkeys or even chicken(never tried a duck or goose).I use an empty beer keg and 5 gallons of peanut oil, the bottom of the keg fits snugly on the rim of the burner so no chance of it falling off.I have cooked a 23 lb turkey in it and had plenty of room.Also I have never used a basket just have a round stainless steel rack on the bottom to keep the bird from contacting the keg,works great.
Thanks for the tip. Seems like any method to keep the bird from having direct contact with the bottom will work, good suggestion.

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