Introduction: How to Game If Your Page Doesn't Load

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If you use Google Chrome, and your page does not load. Cheer up, play a game in the unloaded page.

Step 1: No Interz-net

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Turn off your internet.

Step 2: Jump! Jump! Jump!

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Open a website, then once you get the dinosaur error page press space to start. To jump just press space.

Step 3: Shoot the Trouble

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If it does not work, you probably have another version of google chrome.

Step 4: Play It!

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Now you know how to play "Dinosaur Run"!

Please post your scores here. :)


laith mohamed (author)2015-12-12

its coooooooool

I_boom5245 (author)2015-10-09

Cool. I just released an instructable on how to hack that game:

tomatoskins (author)2015-03-26

Hahaha! I never knew that there was this easter egg in Chrome. I'll need to try it out next time I'm having network issues.

HeatherP2 (author)2015-03-26

Wow! Google makes so many cute Easter eggs! Thanks for sharing this one!

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