Step 7: Themes for RockBox

Picture of Themes for RockBox
You deserve a little present for sticking with me through this whole tutorial, so I'll teach you how to get new themes (yay!)

1. Go to http://www.rockbox-themes.org/

2. Go to your iPod

3. Find a theme you like (Make sure it says any daily build, since most other builds are hard to come by) Then click on the thumbnail to download it.

You will get a .rockbox folder

4. To install the theme: Open up your ipod so your in the root directory, where IpodControl and .rockbox is. Drag the new .rockbox folder you download into the root folder. Click Yes to all to the message that pops up.

6. On your iPod, go to Settings, Theme settings, Browse themes, click the theme, then go to .wps and do the same.

7. Woo! A brand new look!
url is wrong, try http://themes.rockbox.org/ instead