How to Get Gameboy Games on Your Ipod/iphone No Jailbreak!





Introduction: How to Get Gameboy Games on Your Ipod/iphone No Jailbreak!

Remember that no jailbreak is needed!

Step 1: Go to the Website

This is the website were you will download the "Gameboy". Before i give you the link, here are the instructions. TURN YOUR DATE TO 2012 IMPORTANT!!! Then, drop down the options and select "GBA4iOS", then download.

Step 2: Once Downloaded

Once downloaded, it will look like the picture. During the download, your date needed to be 2012 or it wouldnt work. KEEP IT AT 2012, open it 1 time, close it then change your date back.

Step 3: Once Your Date Is Changed Back, Open the App Again.

Once you open the app again, it should look like the picture except empty. Click the little search icon in the corner, and it will bring you to a webpage. Navigate around the website to find games you want, i just beat pokemon emerald. Once you click the one you want, it will bring you to another page. Scroll down and click downpad, then click open in GBA4iOS. Then, your done! Also, if your device runs out of battery, you will have to turn your date to 2012, open the app one time, then turn back to 2013.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Game!

Enjoy and remember, always choose mudkip because AH HERD YU LEIK MUDKIPZZ!!!!



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    i have alpha sapphire and beat the game in 3 days straight and have keldeo jarachi and hoopa

    Click here to Download Pokémon on iphone {without JailBreak} -

    When I try to get pokemon emerald, it says My phone couldn't download it because of some unknown error

    Omg it's awesome you are legendary

    @isaakol Settings-General-Date and Time

    how can you change the date

    This is great thanks a lot!

    Apple banned it because it was becoming a lawsuit with Nintendo...

    Seriously guys try it i pwned the Elites with rayquaza lel