How to Get Homebrew Apps on Your Palm Pre




Introduction: How to Get Homebrew Apps on Your Palm Pre

I am going to show you how to install homebrew apps on your Palm Pre using WebOS Quick Install 

Things You'll Need:

- Palm Pre 
- Data Cable

Step 1:

Turn on Developer Mode by typing from the launcher:
upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart, if you typed it in correctly you should have a box slide up saying "Developer Mode Enabler". Tap the icon and turn it on. Your Pre will reset

Step 2:

Next download the latest version of WebOS Quick Install or "WebOS QI" (right now it is v3.0) from Jason Robitaille. 

Step 3:

Once it is downloaded, DO NOT UNZIP IT! Just double click it and it should run (make sure you have the newest version of Java installed). 

Step 4:

Plug in your Pre and when it brings up the option to charge, usb drive, or media sync, click just charge. 

Step 5:

From your favorite Palm Pre website download the homebrew application that you would like to install. (It is will be a .ipk file) In WebOS QI drag the file from the download location into the white open space (or click the big green + on the right side) 

Step 6:

Then Click Install! After it has installed, go to the launcher and you should see the Icon for the new app. Enjoy!! 

Step 7:

Tips & Warnings

- Ask questions, if you don't understand something go to and post on the forums.

- Don't go overboard with apps until you feel that you understand everything.

- DO NOT CLICK WebOS Doctor!!! That will erase everything and put your phone back to factory settings!



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