How to Get Unlimited Pandora Skips





Introduction: How to Get Unlimited Pandora Skips

Are you annoyed by Pandora's 6 skip limit? Well this Instructable will give you a way around that. There are 2 methods, The first cannot be used with an account and the second can, However it requires more manual input.

Step 1: The First Method

The first method is as follows: when you open Pandora, do not sign in. (If you are already signed in just click logout and restart the web browser) Create the station that you would like and listen to it as normal. Once you run out of skips, quit the web browser, return to Pandora and repeat. (the downside to this is that thumbed up/down tracks will be forgotten)

Step 2: The Second Method

The second method will allow you to keep you stations put you have to do more. First you will need about 11 stations. When you hear a song you want to skip, just click through the list until you have clicked on every station. (you just have to let the song load, you don't have to listen to it) Once you return to your station, it should be a different song.



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    there is a third option i use all the time. and its easier than both
    your steps in my opinion. so you have run out of skips and you hate the
    song your on? but your at work and dont have time to fight with it.
    thats ok. pandora will not play a song if you dont like it. give the
    current song a thumbs down, pandora will automatically skip the song.
    once it skips the song, skip back to view the last song and give it a
    thumbs up. that way it will still play in the future but you dont have
    to listen to it right now.

    2 replies

    A thumbs down is considered a skip, so if you don't have any more skips left, a thumbs down will prevent the song from being played again, but it won't skip it at that moment. Fun fact: Pandora Plus isn't unlimited skips either. They state on their site that "with the exception of a portion due to licensing restrictions" they can't skip (which is like every other song :-/ )

    Actually... it's 'unlimited skips' but it limits the number per hour due to licensing constraints. 6 in under an hour means you probably don't like much in your station and should really consider just going to another station. Other than that, it's unlimited per day (technically that means you get maximum of 144 skips per day). Again... if you are skipping that much, you really can't much like your station and might want to find another one to listen to.