How to get Vincent Valentine in FFVII!

Picture of How to get Vincent Valentine in FFVII!
In the game Final Fantasy VII theres 2 secret characters, Vincent Valentine and Yuffie Kisaragi. But to get them you have to do a task, a diferent one for each. Getting Vincent is harder then getting Yuffie plus i think hes awesome so here you go.
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Step 2: The Safe

This parts a little tricky. Once you go into the room with the safe walk up to it. The combination is RIGHT TO 36, LEFT TO 10, RIGHT TO 59, RIGHT TO 97. But this is tricky because you only have 20 seconds and you have to do it the right way. This is kinda hard to explain but if you pass the number you have to go to you cant go the oposite direction or it wont work. Like in the beginng you have to go RIGHT to 36 exactly. If you pass 36 YOU CANNOT GO BACK. If you pass it then you have to keep going till you get to 100 and then it will go back to zero and you have to keep going till you reach 36 again. Then go left to 10 and so on if you pass over them you might want to start over. To do this just click on whatever number your on 4 times and it will say fail and you can start over. Also, once you get to one of the combination numbers click START and go to the next number. If you do this right the safe will open and you will get into a fight with a boss.


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