Tired flying with your 60 % speed flying mount ?!

This is the guide for you !

So the Epic flying mount costs 5000 gold+ mount, expensive right ?

After I've seen many many gold guides that are completely rip off i decided to make my own, free one
which gives you ideas how to make gold in WoW and how to get epic flying in just 2 weeks or less (I got my in 9 days)

So, Enjoy!

Step 1: Basics

I started playing World of Warcraft about 7 months ago and it's really addicting.
I play level 70 Warrior on Agamaggan EU and i have learned some basic money making skills which are really easy to master !

So picture below is my character after 2 Days of gold gathering ( can't say farming because i did not farm anything ! :p )

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<p>Hey if you are looking after 2 nice and short AddOns to farm WoW Mounts look at this: http://wp.me/p4r8yY-TB</p>
hey join http://devilhillswow.weebly.com/ <br>its a good private classic server
Nowadays this is cheaper, you can get some epic flying mounts from a few vendors out there, but you may need some reputation before buying it. With good rep the price may come down. However, if it is a FAST flying mount, you will need Artisan Riding, which is also a lot of wow gold, so start saving!
All of my level 70-80 friends are stressing about their epic flying mounts. The thought of getting one of these has never worried me, because my first character, is level 24. and has 1200g. <br /> <br /> My question, is 1200g a lot for a NEW level 24 to have?<br />
not really i got 6k gold on my lvl 28=D
Hell yeah it is. but it's pretty easy to obtain, just farm AH etc. with that speed you should be having no problemos gathering gold for epic flyer<br />
&nbsp;...can i haz gold?&nbsp;<br /> <br /> just kidding!&nbsp;<br /> <br /> no, i wasn't.<br /> nevermind
hey just wondering if anybody knows the best spek 4 hunter (cataclysm)
im on a 74 or 75 druid. I dont remember which one. Ive been leveling so haha<br />
Nice Instructables! I play wow on Azune, or something like that, also EU. I have a lvl 53 mage, so I got a lot more to get to lvl 70 and get an epic mount... all in all a good Instructables rate:*****
Thanks Comodore ! So as of Patch 3.0.2 was introduced i think ill make some instructable about Achievement, but dont know which yet.. Anyway thanks !
I have a question, where can I find a 60 yard fall place? I want to do achievement! I tried un goro crater but it isn't deep enough...??? Thanks!
if you're horde, jump off the undercity flightpath tunnel into the moat. :) no bubble or ice block or whatever necessary. If you're ally.... : \ never played one
I did the ach a long time ago... i tink I did it on darkmoon fair with the cannon! :D
go to shattrath and jump off the scryers tier
I got the achevement, while the darkmoond fair was here, I used the cannon... :D Thanks!
I got the "Going Down?" achievement in Azshara. Assuming you have enough health or a slow fall spell, the cliffs there are plenty high enough.
I did it a couple of weeks ago, and it was dureng the darkmoon fair, i shoot my self from that canon! :D
I just completed that achievement by jumping off the cliff while mounted (near the Spirit Healer) going towards Revantusk Village with my lvl 70 Warlock. But there's also a quest of faith where you have to jump from a REALLY high place, but I don't remember where. I'm thinking it was 1000 Needles though.
Aha, yea, the great elevator... I have a lvl 55 mage so i have slow fall... Hope i works...
ok, find a wow private server, then type .mod speed 50 and you can go fast no matter what mount you have, even the undead death steed. if anybody wants help making a private server pm me, and i will give you help.
when i say find one, i mean make one.
and normal speed is about 15, you can set it from 0 to 255
heh 255... in warsong gulch... *zip* point *zip* point *zip* game won<br/>

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