Step 3: What to Do ?

Ok, We'll start the gathering from Shattrath City and getting ALL the daily Quests from there, then go to isle of Quel'danas and get all the dailies from there too.

When u have all, Hearthstone to Shattrath and go do Ata'mal Armaments in Shadowmoon Valley http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=11544

After that fly to Thrallmar ( Horde ) or Honor Hold ( Alliance) and use your flying mount to go to Throne of Kil'jaeden and do Blast the Gateway ( http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=11516)
and Blood for Blood ( http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=11515 )

After that fly to Evergrove in Blades Edge Mountain and go do Maintaning Sunwell Portal ( http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=11514 )

If you got Ogri'la And/ or Sha'tari Skyguard dailies in Blades Edge do them too, i didn't because i don't have attunement there so we're not talking about them here.

After you have done Maintaning Sunwell Portal fly to Netherstorm in Area 51 to do Sunfury Attack Plans (http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=11877 ) and go south from there to the Manaforge and kill the Blood Elves until they Drop the Attack plans.

If you have Hearthstone on cooldown then just fly to Nagrand, if not then HS to shattrath and fly to Nagrand and do The Multiphase Survey ( http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=11880 )

After that go and do Rediscovering your roots ( http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=11521)

Fly to Shattrath and return Quests you have done

Then go to Isle of Quel'danas and do the Daily quests and return Rediscovering you Roots and Ata'mal Armaments.

All the quests on Isle are quite easy but only the gankkers make them harder to do.
I am not going to List all the Isle of Quel'danas Quests because it just wastes everyone's time,
just simply: Read the quest log !

After doing all the quests you can portal to shattrath and go to Home City and Auction certain items.

I Recommend to Auction all Primals you get seperately because you get more money that way.
Instead of having 1 auction for 5 Primal Manas doesn't simply sell. Make 5 auctions for 1 primal mana ! It's that simple and efficent.

Vendor all green items except for Arcane Tomes and Fel Armaments
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<p>Hey if you are looking after 2 nice and short AddOns to farm WoW Mounts look at this: http://wp.me/p4r8yY-TB</p>
hey join http://devilhillswow.weebly.com/ <br>its a good private classic server
Nowadays this is cheaper, you can get some epic flying mounts from a few vendors out there, but you may need some reputation before buying it. With good rep the price may come down. However, if it is a FAST flying mount, you will need Artisan Riding, which is also a lot of wow gold, so start saving!
All of my level 70-80 friends are stressing about their epic flying mounts. The thought of getting one of these has never worried me, because my first character, is level 24. and has 1200g. <br /> <br /> My question, is 1200g a lot for a NEW level 24 to have?<br />
not really i got 6k gold on my lvl 28=D
Hell yeah it is. but it's pretty easy to obtain, just farm AH etc. with that speed you should be having no problemos gathering gold for epic flyer<br />
&nbsp;...can i haz gold?&nbsp;<br /> <br /> just kidding!&nbsp;<br /> <br /> no, i wasn't.<br /> nevermind
hey just wondering if anybody knows the best spek 4 hunter (cataclysm)
im on a 74 or 75 druid. I dont remember which one. Ive been leveling so haha<br />
Nice Instructables! I play wow on Azune, or something like that, also EU. I have a lvl 53 mage, so I got a lot more to get to lvl 70 and get an epic mount... all in all a good Instructables rate:*****
Thanks Comodore ! So as of Patch 3.0.2 was introduced i think ill make some instructable about Achievement, but dont know which yet.. Anyway thanks !
I have a question, where can I find a 60 yard fall place? I want to do achievement! I tried un goro crater but it isn't deep enough...??? Thanks!
if you're horde, jump off the undercity flightpath tunnel into the moat. :) no bubble or ice block or whatever necessary. If you're ally.... : \ never played one
I did the ach a long time ago... i tink I did it on darkmoon fair with the cannon! :D
go to shattrath and jump off the scryers tier
I got the achevement, while the darkmoond fair was here, I used the cannon... :D Thanks!
I got the "Going Down?" achievement in Azshara. Assuming you have enough health or a slow fall spell, the cliffs there are plenty high enough.
I did it a couple of weeks ago, and it was dureng the darkmoon fair, i shoot my self from that canon! :D
I just completed that achievement by jumping off the cliff while mounted (near the Spirit Healer) going towards Revantusk Village with my lvl 70 Warlock. But there's also a quest of faith where you have to jump from a REALLY high place, but I don't remember where. I'm thinking it was 1000 Needles though.
Aha, yea, the great elevator... I have a lvl 55 mage so i have slow fall... Hope i works...
ok, find a wow private server, then type .mod speed 50 and you can go fast no matter what mount you have, even the undead death steed. if anybody wants help making a private server pm me, and i will give you help.
when i say find one, i mean make one.
and normal speed is about 15, you can set it from 0 to 255
heh 255... in warsong gulch... *zip* point *zip* point *zip* game won<br/>

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