How to Get a Free Itunes Account (No Credit Card Needed)





Introduction: How to Get a Free Itunes Account (No Credit Card Needed)

Well it seems that the website I gave is down for good. So I have found a new method to achieve the same goal.

First open Itunes,

Step 1: Go to the App Store

Next, go to the app store (it doesn't matter if you don't have an Iphone or Ipod Touch just do it anyways).

Step 2: Pick an App

Now pick a free application of your choice and click on it. There's a column of best free apps if you scroll down a little and look to the right side of the page. I suggest You choose from there.

Step 3: Downlad the App

Click on GET APP to download the app.

Step 4: Create Your Account

To download an app, Itunes will ask you to log into your account. Choose to create your account instead. Go through the pages as they come.

Here comes the good part.
When you get to the payment page, if you look where they ask the method of payment, a new option "none" should be available. Fill out the page and use "none" as your method of payment.

Step 5: Congratulations!

Congrats, you have just created your own Itunes account. You can now download album artwork and the song of the week and such. Enjoy it!

Now if you want, you can go and delete the app that you downloaded. Or you can keep it. It's up to you.

Also check out this site;
Every day a paid app becomes free for a day. They're mostly games but some great apps have become free.

Have fun!



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Guess what? this site just gave me a iTunes Card Code and it was legit! You get it completely free from

please make me an apple id too ... my email is please help me :(

Hi, please help me create an apple id mail is really appreciate your help on this

sweet! I got a iTunes Card Code and it was legit! You can get one too from freeitunesforever‚óŹ com

pls help (ID )And(PASWOORD) free acount plss tell me my msn

Gud day,pls make me an itunes account heres my account a lot

please create me please add send me in facebook

awesome instructions, worked perfectly!

can you make a itune account me to it didnt show none on my itune idn why my id is i really cant apply anything on my iphone

please also make me an itunes account.. my itunes apps doesnt show "NONE" option.. please help.. this is my itunes ID