This is my first instructable and i cannot take all of the credit for this creation. I have seen it elsewhere online; however, i have made quite a few modifications and the wallet now functions better and lasts much longer (some of my friends have been using theirs daily for months now and they are still in perfect condition). Essentially this intructable is a wallet comprised entirely of old playing cards. The more expensive and thus thicker cards are preferable as they will last longer and will resist bending. The other major component of this wallet is tape..and lots of it. For the purpose of visability, i used brown packing tape for the pictures listed whereas on a normal wallet I would certainly use clear tape. Now lets begin shall we?

Step 1: Begin Taping the Inside Cards Together

There are going to be two opposing sides where face cards are visible...this happens to be the interior of the two. The cards used are obviously personal preference. Because i had created so many of these for my friends, i created a rig to hold the cards better while i taped; however, this is not a necessity.

Lay three cards face up about 1/4 inch apart. Cut a strip of tape to hold them together.

Flip the three over using caution and tape the same spot on this side as well -- the doubling of tape will not only make the seam stronger, but also prevent your money from sticking to the pocket.
I did this with see-through cards and it turned out pretty sweet. terramonkey did a really good job of it though. Excellent instructable j626no!
I&nbsp;made one with those same cards lol i got them from target.<br />
yeah...i've wanted to try that but i didnt have any clear cards worth defiling.lol. that is a very nice wallet; however, may i suggest putting your larger bills facing the inside and a 1 or 5 on the outside, just a safety precaution. excellent job and thanks for the comment.
I love your instructable! I made a card wallet about a year ago, but never thought of leaving a comment. The one I made is pretty worn, but I made it out of dollar store cards which aren't very sturdy. I made a new wallet tonight out of Bicycle see through cards. It's not the actual card though, it's a display card that is attached to the front. This one should last me quite some time. Anyways here are some pictures.
Oh I also made a couple for some friends, and I believe they still have them. You know women though they keep the same wallet for very long. Also magnets are great for holding the cards.
good job. my friend still uses his that i made for him when i posted this instructable. so thats 10 months now.
I <strong>love</strong> this idea. I've always been a gaming geek, and have been in the market for a new wallet lately, so this was <em>so</em> perfect. Of course, being an uber-geek, I took it to the <em>next level</em> and did 2 wallets, both with CCG cards.<br/><br/>The first was a traditional tri-fold wallet done with Magic: The Gathering cards, and the second was a bi-fold wallet done with Anachronism (the History Channel card game) cards.<br/><br/>Awesome.<br/><br/>BTW - I apologize for the pics... It's late, and my flash is dead.<br/>
thats really cool. the magic cards work out perfectly as the sleeve parts are cut so they show the pic only. awesome! the second wallet is cool too, just a little difficult to understand (its late now too and im really tired and its dark.lol...i'll have a better look in a few days when my schedule clears up :-p ) but thank you so much for you comments. i LOVE when people comment my instructables with pictures of their accomplishments. great job.
AhHHHHHHH i didn't see thisand I posted my <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/EALP8VAF0ZTLLC2/">https://www.instructables.com/id/EALP8VAF0ZTLLC2/</a><br/>
Oh no! Someone beat me to it! I made a card wallet a long time ago and i have been meaning to make an instructable on it since everyone loves it and its more unique than a duct tape wallet. Mine is a little different so maybe I will put mine up.
You should definitely put it up. We love seeing variations.
I was inspired enough by your instructable to actually get out the scissors and tape and have a go at making a version of this wallet. This is the first thing on the instructable site i've actually made, so I thought i'd post a set of pictures to show the results. Its much sturdier than I expected it to be, and a friend has already asked me to make one for him. thanks for taking the time to share the idea!
no, thank you. i feel so good right now that i was actually able to impact your life in even the most minor of ways. it is because of this feeling that i will continue to post instructables and help other people. ~jon ps: yea, this wallet is quite durable
Pretty wild stuff, I wish I had one of those. I'd keep money in it and stuff.
Thats pretty cool. I think i'll try to make one. Good Job!
Awesome. Just made an "Super-slim, cool-lookin, EMI-shielding wallet" so when I get sick of it I'll make yours!
That does look pretty cool. Im sure to have more intructables posted in the near future so make sure to check them out too if you like this one. Thanks
That's a unique and sharp looking wallett. nicely done and well explained. ~C
Thank you very much....as i said many of my friends still use theirs and they look as good as the day i gave it to them.

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