Picture of How to get a Google account/ID
In this Instructable I will be showing all you people out there who want a google ID how to get one.

A google ID lets you log onto many other things other than google.

eg. -Youtube

This is my first instructable so it might be a bit rubbish!
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Step 1: Head to the signup page

Picture of Head to the signup page
Go to :

(I know it is google mail but is still signing you up for a google ID plus you also get a free email address)

go to to use your existing email for a google ID.

Step 2: Fill In The Form

Picture of Fill In The Form
Fill in all the details, making sure you read everything carefully and fill it all in correctly.

Once your done Click I accept.create my account.

Step 3: Your Done!

Picture of Your Done!
Well done you've got yourself a google account!

Try signing into googlemail :

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+ Be sure not to use a password similar to one used on other google properties or you'll "get to" provide them a number with OLD WORLD sms texting to prove you're a f00ktard -- and to "verify" your account

+ don't use the same backup email address

+ hooray plus addressing

+ DEMAND xmpp texting support for verification.

RFC 7081

+ make "your" name seem real unless you're crazy enough to volunteer bucket of information about yourself to google (mmmm gestapo potential)

google ditched xmpp texting in google chat and google voice when evil-google noticed people using $0 OTR to encrypt conversations asserting their right to privacy -- something google only gives lip service

you can haz EZ encryption in webmail with GPG spinoff project

+ webPG

google ID setup!/video/gma...

Thanks for the help instructabules
who doesn't know this?! lol :-)
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does this realy work?