What you'll need:

A Jet Ski on a trailer
Access to a Dock to load the Jet Ski into the water
A car or truck or something capable of towing the trailer (with and without the Jet Ski on it)
A buddy
And, of course, a Life Jacket

Step 1: Personal Flotation Device

Grab a life jacket before getting on or even looking at the Jet Ski. The water doesn't care how good of a swimmer you are; under the deceptively pleasant surface of the water it is harboring a deep grudge against you for leaving it to walk on land.

Water will kill you. And it won't even send flowers to your funeral afterward.

So grab a life jacket, one of those ones that you can strap yourself into. Chances are if you get thrown from the Jet Ski you won't be in the proper state of mind to swim.

Water, she be a fickle mistress. Much like gravity.
Aren't dry starts bad for a liquid-cooled engine?
<p>For the Lurkers ,,,, Dry starts for the amount of time that is needed to check that the Jet-Ski works ( max about 20 seconds ) is not enough time to do it any harm actually, if not used for a long time you should start it once a week to keep the engine from rusting up. Best to run it for 5-10 seconds revving it ( lets not go overboard here ) then hit the kill button and pull the throttle in all the way so she dies in a kind of waaaaaahhaaaa sounding way, This brings fuel-oil mix into the combustion chambers preventing rust.</p>
and please don't load your jet ski like him http://stupidact.com/posts.php?postid=4

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