Step 8: Push the Jet Ski Off the Trailer

The title is pretty self explanatory. All you have to do is push the Jet Ski off the trailer. But don't just push it off and turn around, or the water will reclaim it. Hold on to it. You don't have to move the trailer out of the water just yet, but if you still have that buddy around it would hurt to move it. Just watch your toes.

If you have a Jet Ski that can reverse, skip this and the next step.
Aren't dry starts bad for a liquid-cooled engine?
<p>For the Lurkers ,,,, Dry starts for the amount of time that is needed to check that the Jet-Ski works ( max about 20 seconds ) is not enough time to do it any harm actually, if not used for a long time you should start it once a week to keep the engine from rusting up. Best to run it for 5-10 seconds revving it ( lets not go overboard here ) then hit the kill button and pull the throttle in all the way so she dies in a kind of waaaaaahhaaaa sounding way, This brings fuel-oil mix into the combustion chambers preventing rust.</p>
and please don't load your jet ski like him http://stupidact.com/posts.php?postid=4

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