How to Get a Chuckle Out of a Brit





Introduction: How to Get a Chuckle Out of a Brit

It's been a while since The Bot Side (c) Instructables Robot cartoons have been posted so I thought it might be fun just to show you how they are drawn. Old School freehand with pencil and a marker to ink it in. Some say skillz but I say you just have to poke your funny bone.

Please note this was just a rough sketch drawn really really fast and sped up really really fast in movie maker - I had to download a really fast speeder upper plugin - to get this finished. You will see that I forgot some details on Kiteman and the Robot that I added in later.

Sketching with pen or marker is twice the fun because you cannot erase lines, only adjust them. There were only upright crosshairs or guidelines drawn in with pencil for general placement of the characters. If you want to learn how to draw or cartoon, you break down the figure into its component basic shapes(cubes, blocks, spheres, pyramids) and sketch over it.

Think about what you want to draw and then draw. It's that easy, ok, I won't spam my easy button.

So let's continue our more than 200 year old debate with our friends across the pond, this is humor, dedicated to our scholarly scholar "Wat r u a techer?" Kiteman.



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I DON'T GET IT! haha i feel like a stupid...

The english spelling for humour is humour the american is humor (which is WRONG )

The english spelling for humor is humor the english is humour (which is WRONG )

OK, proper english is spelled with a capital E.

Do not mess with the grammar Nazis :)

If you do, we'll find you.
We're everywhere.
Maybe across the street,
Maybe at your office,
maybe even in the same room as you at this very moment.
For all you know, you're one of us.
We see all.
We hear all.
We know all.

About the English language, at least.

There should be a Grammar Nazi section on 4chan...and you should be their leader.

thank you very much, but I don't want to commit Genocide. Maybe I can be a nice leader, since it's a different Natzi party.