How to Get a Free Instructables T-shirt





Introduction: How to Get a Free Instructables T-shirt

Everyone needs an instructables shirt, heres how to do it.

Step 1: Go to Instructables Website

Sweetest website around, poke around, learn some things.

Step 2: Make Your Own Instructable

Be creative, i made mine about a camera shutter trigger for my canon camera

Step 3: Enter It in a Contest

I entered mine into the "tool tips" contest and won!!!
I haven't really won many things in my life so i was pretty stoked

Winners of monthly contests receive a free sweet arse instructables t-shirt.

Step 4: Sport It Around Town

You're now officially pimped out with the most kick ass shirt on the block, walk proud.



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    I'm about to get mine

    he, gorillazmiko Buckethead!

    your name taste good! GREAT NAME!

    i entered a contest. you made that instructable? i saw it!

    Awesome! I thought you meant a way to actually get one for free. :P But then that would be illegal. Nice job, and congratulations for winning!

    On the contrary, this is a way of getting one for free.