Picture of How to get a free instructables t-shirt
Everyone needs an instructables shirt, heres how to do it.
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Step 1: Go to instructables website

Picture of Go to instructables website

Sweetest website around, poke around, learn some things.

Step 2: Make your own instructable

Picture of Make your own instructable
Be creative, i made mine about a camera shutter trigger for my canon camera


Step 3: Enter it in a contest

Picture of Enter it in a contest
I entered mine into the "tool tips" contest and won!!!
I haven't really won many things in my life so i was pretty stoked


Winners of monthly contests receive a free sweet arse instructables t-shirt.

Step 4: Sport it around town

Picture of Sport it around town
You're now officially pimped out with the most kick ass shirt on the block, walk proud.
cornhumper2 months ago
desperate is my middle name...
chaderoo25 years ago
he, gorillazmiko Buckethead!
Got that right!
your name taste good! GREAT NAME!
dodo916 years ago
i entered a contest. you made that instructable? i saw it!
Awesome! I thought you meant a way to actually get one for free. :P But then that would be illegal. Nice job, and congratulations for winning!
On the contrary, this is a way of getting one for free.
You could copy the logo up on the top of the page, print it onto t-shirt transfer paper and put it on a shirt....... but that would be desprate.
deth2all (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
thanks for the positive feedback dude.
ll.137 years ago
-Go to instructables website:


-Make your own instructable
Be creative...


Gjdj37 years ago
Nice .I don't think that it really applies to the contests you entered it but, oh well. Haha I loved this line...

You're now officially pimped out with the most kick ass shirt on the block, walk proud.
icinnamon7 years ago
Ummm this doesn't qualify at all for the pocket-sized contest...
The judges usually realize it and not let it win any prizes. No worries my friends.
I don't think it's in danger of winning anyways ;-)
I agree...
Kiteman7 years ago
Actually, if you can't win one, and you don't want to buy one, you are allowed to make your own.

All you need are the Robot image files and some way of putting the images on shirts.

I think I would recommend trying this one for a Robot shirt.

(Please remember, though, that you are not allowed to sell Robot shirts.)