In this Instructable, you, yes you, will learn the secrets of landing yourself a true girlfreind.This is not a guide only for geeks, but for every guy that can say "Im single" Follow these simple steps, and the REAL ladies will flock to you. errrr hopefully. Read the instructable to find out more.

Step 1: Know yourself

This is actually a VERY important step. seriously. I know it sounds corny and weird.... but trust me its not.

As you can see below, the photos of myself show that I truly am a geek. One of my favorite hobbies is nerf. oh yes. nothing like 2inch foam darts flying at highspeeds.

Anyways, nerfing is NOT the most uh, macho hobby. So how does a total nerd get a totally attractive female life partner?

Before you can hope to get involved with and understand a girl, you must understand yourself. Who are you really? what are your hobbies? your likes? your dislikes? Most important, what are your convictions? You NEVER comprimise your convictions for a girl. EVER.

so, do you feel like you know yourself pretty well?
If you do then we can go on to the next step.

<p>there is this girl I like and she's my best friend</p><p>But ever since she got a boyfriend she has completely dumped me but I wanna date her</p>
I have a crush on this one girl at school she is only 3 hours younger than me. I've already told her i like her. Me and my best friend both like her. She says she likes him although she has been afully nice to me for the past month and i always put her first. What should i do she is very confusing put that in mind.
<p>I have sort of had the same problem and have known my crush for a while now. I had said to a couple of my friends a few weeks ago and when one of them was about to speak about something relating to me the other friend thought that it was that I said that I liked her (with her in the conversation) as I wasn't in their class at that time and we are all good friends. She said that she is already going out with someone and it has been a bit awkward since to explain although the next day after they said to her she asked me at lunch and I said that I liked her. Anyway we are still friends at the moment 3 days on. Any thoughts on what to do next?</p>
Sorry i forgot go for it between no,no no no and week or two
And before you say it if my crush gets mad at my friend and doesnt like him for a week or two no,no no no i put her and all of my friends first i just want her to be happy
Dudes be rude to the girls. Give compliments here and there. But give one word answers. If this doesn't work, you screwed it up.
That describes one of my class mates that dated my crush.lol
I'm in a bit of a tuff spot you see I've known this girl for 4 years and we've been freinds for 4 years so as you can imagine this girl means a lot to me so I will never give up on her so I told her that I like her a bit ago and she said that she likes me back but now I don't know what to do should I ask her out or should I wait
What if I am a guy who can't speak to girls even the ones I know verry well, plus any girls i try to talk to either have a boyfriend or dosn't want any thing to do with me?

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Bio: I like to blow things up and/or shoot them. haha ya, thats all folks.
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