Picture of How to get a girl: A guide for geeks like myself.
In this Instructable, you, yes you, will learn the secrets of landing yourself a true girlfreind.This is not a guide only for geeks, but for every guy that can say "Im single" Follow these simple steps, and the REAL ladies will flock to you. errrr hopefully. Read the instructable to find out more.

Step 1: Know yourself

Picture of Know yourself
This is actually a VERY important step. seriously. I know it sounds corny and weird.... but trust me its not.

As you can see below, the photos of myself show that I truly am a geek. One of my favorite hobbies is nerf. oh yes. nothing like 2inch foam darts flying at highspeeds.

Anyways, nerfing is NOT the most uh, macho hobby. So how does a total nerd get a totally attractive female life partner?

Before you can hope to get involved with and understand a girl, you must understand yourself. Who are you really? what are your hobbies? your likes? your dislikes? Most important, what are your convictions? You NEVER comprimise your convictions for a girl. EVER.

so, do you feel like you know yourself pretty well?
If you do then we can go on to the next step.

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Darthmallis10 days ago
What if I am a guy who can't speak to girls even the ones I know verry well, plus any girls i try to talk to either have a boyfriend or dosn't want any thing to do with me?
xxlauraxx1 month ago

Nice guide!

No matter what type of person you are, I think these things will get you far in the dating world (and in life): be happy with your life, be excited about the work you do (personal and/or professional), and be genuine, with no pretenses.

MaxA91 month ago
robbyfine1 month ago

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KquotesC2 months ago

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gffunnel2 months ago
gffunnel2 months ago
rakeshsaini254 months ago

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Vince Slater4 months ago

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ExB6 months ago

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RickB38 months ago

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TomD68 months ago

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Reshad_abd9 months ago
What to say to the girl? She likes me and she shows me but I have nothing to share with her to have an interesting conversation. I know everything come out from my mouth are boring. What I can do?

i want girl sow it will easy

LinusM11 months ago

even if you understand your selve, youll never understanda girl ;)

EvgenyK11 year ago

I guess I should look for guide "how to beat cosial anxiety" not how to get a GF.

Jarem201 year ago

thanks for the tips, I'll put them into practice.

HammE2 years ago
I need help with the asking her out part, i have no gut to walk up to a girl and ask her out. I have people ask a girl out for me. I swear they also HATE me. I have asked out like 12 girls in my whole life (i'm 14) and they all said no, no joke! I can't tell why, i'm really good at engineering. I guess girls just care if you have a six pack abs these days.
bloke20224 years ago
You may have forgotten one, but you can probably spell "parentheses"
lol I noticed that also
I know the background to darth revan in knights of the old republic and the girl I like is not into that kind of stuff but she is a nerd please help me!
One problem for me is I'm a huge nerd like
Jack_Hammer2 years ago
You made one flaw. Girls aren't everywhere. I work on construction sites during the day and for my entertainment goods I buy at the comic book store. These are the two places I spend most of my time outside of home, but neither have many females.

So where should I hang out to find these geek friendly girls?
thanks your guied has helped me so much thanks.
knexfreak322 years ago
The only thing I can add to this is don't wait to long otherwise you will be friend zoned which is bad if you want to go anywhere with your woman.
jonnybo1112 years ago
Dude one thing to add never kiss in front of a stone chip clad garage. I did and the girl threw my head into it by accident. Not nice!
shagens2 years ago
One problem though. I myself am a geek. I love film and videogames, but epically movies. I love talking about them, action, horror, comedy, etc. What if your self are ugly though. I mean I don't look like Jabba the Hutt or anything but I am not good looking at all. I'm like a 20 year old, less fat version of Chunk from the Goonies. What if you are also ugly, a geek, and (according to some people at least) annoying? How do you get a girl then?
freeza363 years ago
nice guitar man. Mexican made or American?
Dreistein4 years ago
bru im also a geek i get sooo nervuse im 14 and i havent eaven kissed a girl!
11877 Dreistein3 years ago
Same here the worst is I live where walking around the block is asking for trouble so I don't even meet girls outside of school
zglynn3 years ago
did this work four yo
Cobalt594 years ago
Is Christy your sister? :) :D (trollface)
Tortus3334 years ago
I wouldn't ask to "date" or ask to be their boyfriend or whatever. I think it's better to ask if they'd like to "go on a date" because it's harder to say no to one date than a relationship, and after the date you guys can assess whether you want to become a couple.
yosaulox4 years ago
hahaha is your sister right? hahaha
cd416 years ago
"They don't usually bite." Well one can only hope eh? lol
DarkSalt cd415 years ago
Only the twihards my friend, only the twihards.
Too true.
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