How to Get a Graph of Your Instructable Statistics





Introduction: How to Get a Graph of Your Instructable Statistics

Given my relatively successful last two instructables I thought that it'd be interesting to see how and when the pageviews occurs over time.

Getting Featured or Popular should increase the rate of pageviews in a distinct way. Also getting onto a major blog would show up as a bump in the rate of pageviews.

To satisfy my own curiosity I slapped together a website that keeps track of the statistics of a set of instructables. Once every 15 minutes it gets the current statistics and stores it in a database. It can then on demand plot graphs of that data.

If you want to keep track you your (or any other) instructables just go to and register by just supplying your email address. You can then add the URL's of the instrutables that you're interested in.

It will of course take a while before any data shows up in the graphs since it can only get the current data and not any historical values from the Instrutables site. So add your instructables as soon as possible after you published them.

The InstruGraph site is using some "undocumented tricks" to get the data from Instrutables, so it might stop working any anytime if the Instructables team decides to change their coding in a non-compatible way. But until then, please make use of the service. It's free to use and doesn't have any obnoxious affiliate programs or ads.

It's in early beta so please report any bugs, errors, improvements, suggestions to me. Either on the site or as a comment or PM here.

Step 1: How to Add a New Instructable to Graph

(Instructables didn't like to have an instructable with just the intro step so I just added this info here to get it listed.)

To add a new instructable to be graphed you first go to the instructable and copy its URL. Then click on the "Add new graph" -link on the InstruGraph site and paste the URL in the form and click Add.

That's it. Now you just wait for 15 minutes and the graph begins to get built. Come back a day or two later and watch you statistics in amazement or horror... :-)



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does this site exist anymore?

.  I'm getting "connection has timed out" errors. :(

Project for us nacho? :D

.  I'm open to suggestions. Sounds like it would be a bit of a resource hog, but it might be worthwhile for a small group.

:( This no longer seems to work. It takes me to a "VIA" site that asks for a lot of personal information, including my passport number!

Help,I did everything you said and it keeps saying Invalid Url whenever I paste the URL of the Instructable I made.

same here :(


I'm so very, very creeped out right now. My HDR photos with the GIMP instructable just got Popular status, and I found this site and thought "I'll get a graph of my page views to see how they do". So I went to the site, and out of the I don't know how many thousand Instructables to give me as the random one on the front page it gave... HDR photos with the GIMP. Get outta my head! Seriously, I hope the powers that be appreciate how many people would really like this as a feature of the site and do something similar.