Libraries are amazing. You may have forgotten this sometime in your schooling, when a grueling all-nighter replaced any fond memories you may have had of storytime in preschool. I urge you to think again. There are books, movies, magazines, classes, and events. What's the big deal? All of these things are also FREE. It's hard to find free anything anymore, but libraries remain free as ever. So use yours! To use your library, however, you need to use your library card, and you cannot use your library if you don't have one. This how-to guide will help you with that.

To do this Instructable you will need:

-Proof of Address (if your I.D. does not say you live in Boston)

How to get a library card in Boston is an item on the Neighbors Project Neighbors Checklist.

Step 1: Find the Library.

The Boston Public Library is hard to miss; its shadow looms not-so-ominously in Copley Square. In fact, it is the largest public library in the United States, the third largest library in the United States, and one of only two public libraries to be a part of the Association of Research Libraries (the other one is the New York Public Library). If this all sounds a little overwhelming or inconvenient, don't worry! The Boston Public Library has 27 branches, and one of them is probably in your neighborhood. To know what branch is most convenient for you, check the website for a better idea. You can get a card anytime, but just make sure you're going when the library is in fact, open.
AND you get to pick what color card you want! blue, orange, or red!!!

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