Picture of How to get a pick out of a guitar.
I was suprised that with all the instructables on guitars, there is not a single one that shows how to fix the inevitable... the pick in the guitar accident.

Step 1: Stuff you need...

Picture of Stuff you need...
Here's th short list of materials you will need for this...
1 chopstick
1 roll of masking tape/invisible/industrial tape
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zachcray4 months ago

you can just turn the guitar upside-down, and shake it out..... DUH

I love you dude!

Zachattack14 years ago
Reminds me of th game operation! (-;
LOL! that is funny
meme42092 years ago
Love This... Thank you. My grand daughter kept throwing picks into my guitar and I hated it every time I had to try and get them out. The shaking method does work but depending on how the guitar is made inside it can wear you out trying to get it, it is like the little bugger bank shots off of the insides of the guitar. I will definetly use this.
BuffyMay3 years ago
Tried the shaking method, the chopstick method and the feeling like bashing the guitar against the wall but eventually trying to stare the pick out of it method, because I had been using my brother's pick without him knowing and he would kill me, ut /i found the pick where it had fallen out when /i stood up to shake it out of the guitar on the first try... [oops] Good site though!
hartigan6 years ago
Why you can not turn the guitar upside down, and shake it a little bit?
s'what i do :)
you could, but most guitars have some sort of of support strut thats runs down either side next to the soundhole... it could come out, but youd have to shake it right
it takes ages to get it out when you turn it upside down
i break my guitar open violently as my solid gold pick is worth more than the guitar, and i cant play it... lol
icepick2446 years ago
will this work with money, such as coins?
Sadly, chopsticks repel coins.
Nope. Guitar picks only.
what do you think? same concept...DUH!!!
newb5 years ago
ummm....ive always just flipped my guitar over my head and shaken it like king kong i tried this and by the time i found the stuff and made it i could of just shaken the pick out
peach_fart6 years ago
how do i get the pick out of my guitar?
oops forgot the picture
Hmm.... Surgery?
 Most definitely surgery!  
FastEd885 years ago
Ok, Now how do you get the chopstick, tape , gum and pencil let alone the pick out? When I dropped them all in there in think when I got mad and finally turned it over ans shook it they all stuck together somewhere up in there? I even tried standing on my head but all I did was scratch the dam thing! Next time I'm buying a Les Paul solid body electric!

Fast Ed
this usually becomes a fun game for me. you have to get the pick directly under the hole and FLIP it around and it falls out, harder than shaking, still.
How do I get the pick out of my electric bass?  Just playin.  Cool tutorial.  I never would have thought of that.
BEAST145 years ago
hahaha I remember way back when I first learned to play guitar. I was only 9 and I had gotten my first guitar. It was acoustic. On the first day I dropped my pick down in it and it disappeared...I was very worried. Then my dad got it out and blah blah blah.
Halopwner856 years ago
all you do is turn it upside down, (if it doesnt fall on the strings) is move it from side to side its way less complicated
all you really have to do is flip it over and give it a few violent shakes. if it fell to the end of the guitar pick it up, put the neck vertically down so the body is up and shake it back and forth it should work but if it doesn't u can use this idea. my guitar has a sound hole that is at the top of the guitar not behind the strings so its easier
volquete6 years ago
thanks! i hate it when this happens!
rofl this is very helpful for the the reason that every acoustic guitarist goes through this situation there is no way around it :) greatinstructable
cdizzle6 years ago
nice i bet duct tape works better
Sivić6 years ago
Looks like you desperately need new strings.....lol
everybody loves to shake their guitar apparently. I like the ol' gum and pencil trick less chance of injuries and hurting yourself
Atomman6 years ago
I tip the guitar from side to side until it falls out. Lot of fun.
Jupitane6 years ago
You know there's no point for all of this.
Step 1. Put the guitar upside down.
Step 2. GENTLY pat the back of the guitar.
Step 3. Be PATIENT!
Step 4. Be sure to put the guitar down gently after you have it upside down
result in not doing this will result in dropping the guitar or even killing the guitar.
Step 5. After step 1-4 is done HAVE FUN!!!
=) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =)
that's not as fun though.
Jupitane6 years ago
Oh yeah ROCK ON! and live life to the fullest!
um... it's sooo much easier to just flip the guitar over and shake the pick out
yeah, except you can scratch the guitar
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