How to get a rope into a tree (without climbing it)

Step 3: Get the rope into the tree

Now to get the climbing rope into the cambium saver.

Untie the throwball from the throwline.

The idea is to tie the climbing line onto the throwline so you can pull it up, through the SMALL loop of the cambium saver, through the BIG loop of the cambium saver, and back down to the ground.

To do this, tie the throwline to the climbing line about a foot from the end. There are lots of hitches that will work for this - research the topic online. Refer to the photos below too.

Now tie a couple of hitches towards the tip of the climbing line, with one hitch right at the tip. The idea is that the climbing line will follow the throwline up the tree, through the cambium saver loops, and back down to the ground. Got it, eh?

Pull on the throwline. The climbing line should run up, through the cambium saver loops, and back down. If it sticks at the small cambium saver loop, try setting the last hitch closer to the end of the climbing line.
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