First get a servo.

Step 1: Remove the Screws and Disassemble The

As easy as it sounds

Step 2: Remove This Little Plastic Piece.

Remove this little plastic piece on the first gear wheel

Step 3: Reassemble the Servo

Step 4: And We Are Now Ready to Go!!!

Your images for step 2 illustrate perfectly why you should have a blank background for taking photos. &nbsp;Your camera sees all the detail in the resistors, batteries, tools etc. and assumes that that is the subject of the photo, focusing out your mostly-all-one-colour fingers and the gear. &nbsp;<br> <br> If your fingers and the gear are the only contrast in the photo, the camera will naturally focus on them. &nbsp;Try taking those photos in front of a blank white wall, or even a piece of paper and see what difference it makes. &nbsp;If the photo is still blurry, you are too close to the camera- move away and zoom in.<br>
thx I'll try it
If your camera has a &quot;Macro&quot; setting, that helps too. The symbol on my Canon is a little tulip.

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