How to Get Around Trend Micro Blocks





Introduction: How to Get Around Trend Micro Blocks

A foolproof guide to getting around annoying parental blocks. I had to deal with these, and I don't want you to. Please use discretion in doing this, as I am not liable for any consequences. This is simply for those who are too old to have parental blocks, but have parents who insist on cradling their children and protecting them from the interwebs.


You must have an administrative account. IF YOU HAVE A LIMITED ACCOUNT, then follow these instructions. IF YOU HAVE AN ADMINISTRATIVE ACCOUNT, continue to step 2.

-Restart your computer.
-As your computer restarts but before Windows launches, press F8 to enter SAFE MODE. 
-Log into the ADMINISTRATOR account.
-Go to control panel.
-Go to user accounts.
-In safe mode, as an admin, you can to grant your REAL account administrative abilities. Change your REAL account type to administrative, not limited.
-Restart your computer, normally.
-Now, when you log into your account, it should be administrative. Now go to step 2.


A man's best friend. Use him. Go over to the "Processes" tab and scroll down until you see a process called "TmProxy.exe"

Step 3: Now for the Obvious Step

Delete the process entitled "TmProxy.exe" It will warn you that it may cause instability, blah blah blah, click YES. Take the metaphorical red pill. DO NOT delete the other TM processes. Only TmProxy.exe.

Step 4: Relish in Your Newfound Freedom

Relish in it. However, each time you restart, the proxy will be reactivated, so you MUST do this each time you restart. Luckily, it makes the proxy removal untraceable by most parents. Have fun on the nets, and stay safe.



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    my processes does not list TmProxy.exe. why?

    I've got Windows Vista and Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security. I don't know if they updated this, but I've tried all the tricks I know to block the dang thing from running and tell it not to even start up but it does anyway, and I can't even find this TMproxy. Any words of wisdom?

    A program which is made to clean up the Registry File (normally accessed by going Start/Run/Regedit.exe) can be used to alter the startup of your computer.

    I use RegEdit; it has a tab for altering which programs run at start-up.

    Look for TmProxy.exe in the list of programs, select it and then click "remove".
    When you restart, the proxy program shouldn't be running.

    Thanks now I know what to look for when I'm checking to see how secure the setup is and whether anyone has fooled with it.

    You sir are the most amazing gentlemen currently in existence

    alright so i'm an administrator. I got rid of all the TM processes. couldn't find the tmproxy.exe process  but i got rid of the other trend micro descriptions. still not working though. still blocks websites. any tips???? 
    plz help!

    If you haven't fixed it already, I don't know what to do. Make sure you show processes from all users. That might make a difference. But other than that, just keep looking around.

     This will only work if you are currently an administrator on the PC. A parent could easily stop this attack by only allowing the children to use a limited account. 

    Actually, I just put it within the first step of this one.