Are you tired of nosy admins telling you what you can and cannot do?

Many businesses, colleges and highschools have web filters, which attempt to censor the web from a user's eyes; i believe in freedom of knowledge, and therefore, i will impart on you, dear reader, how to fight THE MAN and be free to access whatever you want!

This instructable requires and a static IP address (one that does not change) for your home computer. Your home computer also must have IIS 4.0 installed (which XP Professional comes with, as does the server line of windows operating systems). It also assumes that your place of work/school does not have a block on remote desktop connections through their firewall (not being in the start menu does NOT mean it is blocked). Your school/work computer can be Windows 9x, Windows Millenium Edition (Windows Me), Windows NT (Intel only), and Windows 2000 (including XP Pro and XP Home).

Step 1: Smashing the filter for fun and profit

The first thing you want to do is create a new user that you can use when you log in remotely. I'll make it so that it doesn't show up on the windows XP Professional login screen, so you have to type it manually into the login box when you remotely connect.

Save this as a batch file:

net user remotelogin enter password here /addnet localgroup administrators remotelogin /add@echo offecho Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00>win.regecho [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList]>>win.regecho "remotelogin"=dword:00000000>>win.regREGEDIT /S win.REGDEL /Q win.REGmkdir %SystemDrive%\DOCUME~1\remoteloginattrib +a +s +h %SystemDrive%\DOCUME~1\remotelogin
, replacing enter password here with the desired password you wish to use with your remote user. You won't be able to remotely access your computer without it.

Now you must reboot to make your computer read the new user.


That's illegal !
I understand that you may need to get around blockers in special circumstances but I do wish my kids don't read your post :-). Freedom at the right age is more important than at will. There is a reason why there are parental control softwares. I've been using Qustodio (www.qustodio.com) that allows me to block naughty sites (that hardly impart knowledge of any kind), track who they chat with or what they download from the web. While I agree that web is knowledge, the other side of it is dangerous for the young minds which is why softwares like Qustodio are an absolute must. Qustodio's parental control is also quite difficult to crack and so what you've suggested may not work on it :-)
stop... just stop. You ( along with every other parent in the world) think that by using parental controls that you are going to stop kids, teens, young adults and every other age group from looking at what they want... they have friends they have classmates hell they have the library. by now even if you use parental control software it wont matter. we live in the 21st century we have ways of getting around everything there is no parental control in this world that can stop a determined 21st century born person. so just stop wasting your time and money looking for the best parental control service to try and make your child not get onto something that they will find out about sooner or later. Just let them find out about and ask you( or not) about it. And even if they don't and you find out they have been seeing or playing or watching something you don't find appropriate don't confront them just leave it as is. If you don't bring it up neither will they... that's all i have to say but i hope (for those of you who have read this) that you will take what i have said into consideration.
When you block the internet to far it is a very bad thing!
My dad has the same thing... It is really hard to crack but I still get by it...
^^" I have a school computer so I cant make a new user, they have everything blocked with iboss, is there any way to get rid of iboss?
If port 22 is open on your school's firewall the best answer is to setup cygwin on your home system with the SSH plugin. Then on your school/work/other system you use firefox portable and putty to connect. There are many tutorials on how to do this just use google to find them.<br><br>This will allow you to use your home system as a proxy, also you can transfer files from your home sys and use remote desktop to connect to you home system. (among other things)
my school has cleverly blocked every proxy website. So I use k-proxy. It's nothing special, EXCEPT if you go to google type i K-proxy their is a link below where you can still enter the website. So try that.
<em><strong>ok i tried to get on that k-proxy site at school and that website is blocked at my school. cause they blocked all the proxy websites. how do i get around it now so i can check email and myspace?</strong></em><br/>
i have the same prop : (
you go to <a href="https://nobodycanstop.us" rel="nofollow">https://nobodycanstop.us</a> it works i use it all the time
Sorry to say but it's blocked
use tor
Whoever owns the Tor node that all your traffic is passing over can see what you are sending over the internet. I.E. passwords, usernames, and anything else.
use a portable browser that you download to a flash drive at home
what do you meam?
batch files cannot be executed on many school networks, instead, i bypass it using an application on my some computer called teamviewer (VNC version) and then using the web interface. this doesn't need any batch files or static IP addresses,
what i did was set up a proxy program at my house (i have 30mbps down too!) and point a domain at my ip using an A record with CW.CM, i then went to school and just told firefox to use that.
Where are the new lines?<br /> All I see is that the parameters are located on the same line, when I'm pretty sure there is supposed to be more than one line. If anyone can comment back the batch parameters with new lines, id be very thankful...<br /> <br /> Thanks all,<br /> <br /> CJustice<br />
You could just use Toonel.jar and Portable Firefox on a flash drive. ;)
acess is denied system error registry editing bolcked
access is denied... I hate that, don't you? It would've worked if it weren't for you pesky administrators! And that security system too! I have to agree with you, but it's just the way schools work nowadays, and there's nothing we can do about it... NOT!!!
1 program UltraSurf , its a proxy but its a .exe so it runs and then automaticaly opens internet explorer
Where abouts on my computer do I save the batch file to create a new user??
i dont know if i can get around my internet quota with this instruct or not, how can i do that help me please, our server imposed quota for us , if want to use internet , at first step we should enter to our server website with username ,password and then we can only use 20mb per day.
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.thefixed.org">http://www.thefixed.org</a> 's Episode 2 talks about getting free internet at wireless hot-spots using NSTSX. This should work for you<br/>
I tried plugging in a MP3 and I could accses it! You can use a MP3 player as a flash drive and put anything on it, I think.
ok, how about net mop though. how do i get around that. at my house, my mom pays for it.
or just use a proxy..... simple and no mess.
ok i have DSL at school and Dial-Up at home would this make my school comp internet go slower
you have dial up?!
i think i might try this
how do you save something as a batch file?
You open notepad found under accessories and type what you want to run as a command (or the long paragraph after "Save this as a batch file:") and when you hit save, save as name_here.bat Give it a name and add .bat instead of .txt after the file name.
just go to www.myspaceproxy.com click the link that says get past web filtering
in my mac school i either look up the page i want on Google and then click on the "cached" link. or look up circumventor on Google. this gets around my school's proxy.
<h2>stick it to the man= =free web= =security so 1800,s!=</h2>
Can I get an MS-DOS emulator for my mac? my XP pro isn't hooked up to the internet. Could this still work on my mac? And please no "Hmm i don't know I'll have to try it" replies. Just a Yes or No or get this app and it'll do it ansewers. Also is there an IIS 4.0 for mac?
i'm running vista and i did this and now i cannot look at my network connections or anything with the network... turned off all the remote stuff and removed the remote user... nothings working... plus it says i'm disconnected and i still can go on tho... i roll over my connection in the bottom taskbar and it says : Connection status: unknown Server execution failed
Can any one please tell me if it <strong>IS</strong> ! possible to content filter (web filter) firefox portable or any other portable web browsers than run off a usb stick or mp3 player P.S. for those who belive in freedom of knoledge i do not disagree but think would you like children(especially young kids) looking at certain things ie p.o.r.n. anyway please can anyone help ?<br/>
Yes it is possible to filter firefox portable and ect as long as you are filtering on the system side and not the browser. DO NOT LET YOUR KID USE ANY EMAIL EXCEPT THOSE MADE FOR KIDS!!!! then they will get spam with p.o.r.n attached!! that was how my friend got banned from our school computers!
duct tape is right and i can get on the admin on mi pc
for a better version (mine) go here:<br/><a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/how-to-get-past-your-school&apos;s-blocker/">http://www.instructables.com/id/how-to-get-past-your-school's-blocker/</a><br/>
Google web accelerator works. You might have to download it at home.
you can't do this unless you are on an admin account.....
prolly not the best way to do it. Remote Desktop is not very secure or a good idea to allow anyone to connect to home machine. I prefer Using FreeSSHD to tunnel a RealVNC connect to the computer im on. You can also just use a proxy server or a website like vtunnel.com
Yes must be a FREE solution...offer up an pay per use site and ANYONE can pay for a dozen services and $100 online...find the FREE way and post it...
The title of this Instructable is misleading - it won't work for nearly any web blocking/monitoring solution.... only those implemented by amateur administrators that don't know the most basic stuff about network security.<br/><br/>Any decent admin will block this traffic at the firewall, so you won't be able to Remote Desktop (or VNC which is a much better solution anyway) to another machine.<br/><br/>I would have been more impressed if you were talking about HTTP Tunnelling rather than just using a home PC as a proxy. Check out this website for a much better alternative than using RDP... <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.jumperz.net/index.php?i=2&amp;a=0&amp;b=0">http://www.jumperz.net/index.php?i=2&amp;a=0&amp;b=0</a><br/>
No good unless you also have a SERVER to accept as a Mediator and Proxy...most http and NTLM are NOT FREE and want from $5-$10/ mo or $100 a YEAR ....yeah RIGHT!<br/><br/>Post an instructable or PPP via https and free VPN via https via proxy...then we'll see...<br/>
hey can u tell me how to delete the remoteconnect account after it is created?

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