How to Get Back at the Credit Card Companies





Introduction: How to Get Back at the Credit Card Companies

Do you get way to many credit card offers. Here is a way to have fun with them.

Step 1:

Open offer. You can read if you like or not.

Step 2:

Next go to your shredder and put down a magazines. Now shredder the credit card offer.

Step 3:

Remove magazine from shredder with out dumping the offer on the floor. You don't want to have to pick up the bits of paper.  

Step 4:

Place shredded offer into the prepaid envelope from the credit card company and seal.

Step 5:

Now mail this back to them.

This is a waste of time, but I smile walking back to my house.



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    Anyone that wants to can easily opt out of credit card offers online at There's no need to "get back" at anyone.

    8 replies

    xray88... Yea you can fill that (opt out) on, but i've done something like that and when i did i had more companies sending out those outrageous offers.I have thrown away more trees than you know..(trees being what the paper is made of).It may stop for a week but others keep sending.Its like telling phone solicitors to put you on their no call list,and the phones calls never stop..And when computers came out they said it would put a halt on paper consumption and i still see same amount of junk mail,,,,a never ending cycle on all of it..but thanks for reminding me of that opt out stuff ! A week of relief is better than nothing.

    of course there's no need to get back at anyone, just like there's no need to send unsolicited mail: email or otherwise once someone gets a decent credit score or turns 21.

    when i want a credit card i'll personally shop around and find one that doesn't have more than 25 percent interest after the first year.

    I didn't "just" say there's no need to get back at them; I gave a reason why. By not opting out you are indirectly agreeing to receive the offers. You know what's a whole lot easier than getting kicks sending shredded offers back to credit card companies? Visiting the website I posted and clicking a few buttons.

    "By not opting out you are indirectly agreeing to receive the offers. "

    That's like saying "because you didn't opt out of a painful death this week, someone is allowed to stab you in vital organs until you die"...

    Also, all the opting out just puts you on more lists. Yes it does. Don't argue, look into it if you don't think so. You opt out of phone solicitations and you start getting charities and surveys calling you ten times as opt out of credit card offers and you start getting ten times the magazine and drug store and pizza and a hundred other types of junk mail.

    Advertising is a plague, it will soon die off, it's wasted money and eventually the advertisers will realize it. Hopefully.

    xray88, waldosan never said that you did "just say". I believe just about everyone gets a little irritated with unsolicited mail occasionally... except you, Oh, and since you never sent me a message requesting that I don't correct you, you actually indirectly asked to be corrected.

    that defeats the principle of the matter, yes it'd solve the problem but only temporarily and for one person. this kind of action where credit cards are freely available and the companies actually hound the people down to get them to accept them is irresponsible on two accounts.

    1.) america's youth has already showed stunning ability at being fiscally irresponsible, and that's just the future added to the irresponsibility of my generation and it's predecessors.

    2.)it's been proven many times over that not only is the ease of using a plastic card allowing people to spend easier but the actual interest and debt programs that these companies enact for these policies are specifically designed to encourage you to keep a running balance on the card.

    i equate credit card companies and the banks that run them as lower than parasites, out to make a quick dollar at the expense of the ignorant. they are a good percentage of the debt problem the world is facing and if i had any say in the matter i would outlaw them from the bloody country.

    Unsubscribe after you send back the postage.

    you didn't read small print

    All great comments and ideas***
    Why not just be thankful for the raw material
    AND RECYCLE- make fire bricks or add to compost ,paper beads
    stuffing for carboard ottoman ,Whatever ?????????????

    1 reply

    What you said, twice.

    I know of a guy who sent back a brick. The shipping was almost 10 bucks.

    it is better to paste the "business reply mail" envelope onto a cinder block to a box of dead weight so the credit card company pay's to receive a "box of debt" as I call it

    i rather take all the shreds and use for confetti during the next party.... I thought you might have actually ways of getting back at the credit card companies. oh well... Love your shredder. reminds me I need to do some shredding. :)

    This is way old. The credit card companies have no idea and don't care since their mailing is all outsourced to postal handling companies.

    The only way this would get attention is by filling the envelope with some white powder but you will get a lot more attention than you want.

    Also "junk" mail is subsidized by the postal service.

    In the end, we are all paying this postage.

    3 replies

    The post office does not subsidize junk mail. Companies pay postage twice to send you junk mail if they include a postage-paid return envelope. The postman I knew who delivered to my business stated that he loves junk mail because it is easy to deliver and it is easy money for the post office.
    I usually save up postage paid return envelopes and send the companies each others offers, along with some added material. I don't feel bad about it because these companies are generally annoying and I'm not impressed with unimaginative marketing tactics.

    no we aren't... 'all paying this postage'.

    You obviously dont understand what they meant by that. But this is an old and waste of time technique. As Bfarm said they dont even see the mail lol.. and im sure huge companies dont even see what they send out anyway lol ...

    I do this when I get crap mailed to me from aarp. I pack as much weight I can into the return prepaid letter and send it off. I never thought of this jamming up their opening machines.
    that only makes me want to do it more.