How to Get Beetroot Seeds in Minecraft PE.





Introduction: How to Get Beetroot Seeds in Minecraft PE.

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This is how you get beetroot seeds in minecraft PE.

Step 1: The Hoe

First you make a hoe, using 2 sticks and 2 diamond, gold, iron, cobblestone, or wooden planks. than use the hoe over again until you get beetroot seeds you
will probably get normal seeds to.

Step 2: You Got It!

Once you got one you can start your farm!

Step 3: Start Your Farm!

Just normally plant it! Note that this will NOT work for console and PC or Mac editions However The PC and Mac will soon just not in this way I shared with you guys.Note:Now you can get them from villagers planting them!



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    Anything else you guys need help with in minecraft, i will help but not anything to do redstone, one of the only things i have a hard time with. Only platform of minecraft i do not have is the console edition.