Introduction: How to Get Cheap Magnet Wire

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This instructable is how to get some cheap magnet wire from a motor. You will get from 2m to about 10m depending on what motor you are using.

Step 1: Opening the Motor

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Lift up the 2 clips on either side of the motor and lift off the top with the contacts. You can know take out the axial with the wire on.(Optional: you can take out the magnets in the motor by removing the U shaped clip and then taking out the magnets.)

Step 2: Unwind the Wire

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Unsolder or break of the contacts and then unwind the wire from each of the three poles.


tony54 (author)2013-06-17

Ebay sellers weren't any cheaper either ! They all wanted around $25 a LB. If you have a specific supplier that is at least below $10 LB then please tell us who with a LINK if possible. I don't know if links are allowed or not.

tony54 (author)2013-06-17

Does anyone know of an actual lower cost magnet wire ? Copper wire is $3.26 /LB but Magnet wire is about $25 / LB. The varnish or enamel isn't worth $22 a pound so it is WAY OVERPRICED ! Yes I know you can get it from old electronics but if you need even 1 LB it takes a long time and a lot of work to get. And I need 5 - 10 LBs of 12-14 guage magnet wire. Does anyone know of a supplier that is at least 5-6 a LB, DOUBLE the price of copper ? Selling it for 7 times the price (25 /3.26 = 7.66) is rediculous ! Large transformers are usually VARNISHED and can't be unwound without messing up the enamel insulation, same for TV deflection coils.

mansour1 (author)2011-09-04

How can buy cheap magnet wire?

Electronics111 (author)mansour12011-09-04

Ebay can be your friend...

psymansays (author)2010-05-02

 When you try to re-use cheap magnet wire, the brittle ceramic coating cracks, both when you remove it, and when you re-wind it. Whatever you're building has a 90% chance of having shorts in the coil.

catsnw (author)2009-08-11

it is best to desolder the wire from the comm because you can reuse the arm and make a way faster motor.

aliyevzaur1989 (author)catsnw2009-11-26

how can i make a faster motor?please answer

_Scratch_ (author)2009-11-23

I got a good 20 feet of wire (about that size) from a hard drive motor, and after you get to smash the disk with a hammer!

thunt (author)2009-08-19

i have a motor like that but it came out of the trunk of a 93 lincoln town car

klod17 (author)2009-08-15


polar bear6 (author)2009-08-12

maybe im just dumm but what do you use magnet wire for?

silencekilla (author)polar bear62009-08-13

coilguns man!! DUHHH!! lol

polar bear6 (author)silencekilla2009-08-13

lol i should have thought of that :P

Making transformers, motors, stuff..

JakeTobak (author)2009-08-11

I don't know how much that motor cost, but wouldn't it be cheaper to just buy magnet wire?

Electronics111 (author)JakeTobak2009-08-11

I think they only cost about 50p which I find is cheaper. I also find them for free inside old electronics sometimes.

lemonie (author)2009-08-11

Why not dismantle something otherwise useless, like a transformer from a broken electrical? L

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