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This instructable is how to get some cheap magnet wire from a motor. You will get from 2m to about 10m depending on what motor you are using.

Step 1: Opening the motor

Picture of Opening the motor
Lift up the 2 clips on either side of the motor and lift off the top with the contacts. You can know take out the axial with the wire on.(Optional: you can take out the magnets in the motor by removing the U shaped clip and then taking out the magnets.)
tony542 years ago
Ebay sellers weren't any cheaper either ! They all wanted around $25 a LB. If you have a specific supplier that is at least below $10 LB then please tell us who with a LINK if possible. I don't know if links are allowed or not.
tony542 years ago
Does anyone know of an actual lower cost magnet wire ? Copper wire is $3.26 /LB but Magnet wire is about $25 / LB. The varnish or enamel isn't worth $22 a pound so it is WAY OVERPRICED ! Yes I know you can get it from old electronics but if you need even 1 LB it takes a long time and a lot of work to get. And I need 5 - 10 LBs of 12-14 guage magnet wire. Does anyone know of a supplier that is at least 5-6 a LB, DOUBLE the price of copper ? Selling it for 7 times the price (25 /3.26 = 7.66) is rediculous ! Large transformers are usually VARNISHED and can't be unwound without messing up the enamel insulation, same for TV deflection coils.
mansour13 years ago
How can buy cheap magnet wire?
Electronics111 (author)  mansour13 years ago
Ebay can be your friend...
psymansays5 years ago
 When you try to re-use cheap magnet wire, the brittle ceramic coating cracks, both when you remove it, and when you re-wind it. Whatever you're building has a 90% chance of having shorts in the coil.
catsnw6 years ago
it is best to desolder the wire from the comm because you can reuse the arm and make a way faster motor.
how can i make a faster motor?please answer
_Scratch_5 years ago
I got a good 20 feet of wire (about that size) from a hard drive motor, and after you get to smash the disk with a hammer!
thunt6 years ago
i have a motor like that but it came out of the trunk of a 93 lincoln town car
klod176 years ago
polar bear66 years ago
maybe im just dumm but what do you use magnet wire for?
coilguns man!! DUHHH!! lol
lol i should have thought of that :P
Electronics111 (author)  polar bear66 years ago
Making transformers, motors, stuff..
JakeTobak6 years ago
I don't know how much that motor cost, but wouldn't it be cheaper to just buy magnet wire?
Electronics111 (author)  JakeTobak6 years ago
I think they only cost about 50p which I find is cheaper. I also find them for free inside old electronics sometimes.
lemonie6 years ago
Why not dismantle something otherwise useless, like a transformer from a broken electrical? L