Introduction: How to Get Custom Skins for Free on Minecraft Pocket Edition!

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Don't want to pay to get cool skins? Have an Minecraft PC account and want to use your PC skin? Have no fear! In this introduction i teach you how to upload an custom skin to MCPE, with no hacking or coding involved! Signed, thebutternerd76.

Step 1: Grab Your Skin!

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First, download this Skin Stealer app. (If on IOS search Skin Stealer and apps like this one should come up)

Step 2: Grab Your Skin!

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Next, enter your Minecraft PC Edition username or enter a random one.

Step 3: Download Your Skin!

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Next, if the wanted skin comes up, press the save button.

Step 4: So Much Option!

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If it asks, press the Skin for PC button with full overlay, I know it says for Pocket Editon (MCPE), but that was for older editions of minecraft.

Step 5: Starting the Finish

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After that, open MCPE and press the options button in the bottom right corner.

Step 6: Getting Close!

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Now, press the button that says Browse.

Step 7: Searching the Gallery!

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After that it will take you to your photo gallery home page. If on IOS it will appear as the latest photo. If on Android it will probably be under Downloads in your photos, or as the latest picture too.

Step 8: Male or Female?

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After clicking on your downloaded skin, an window will pop up asking you if you want thin arms or default arms. Thin arms are more feminine where as default are more masculine. Click Browse for default arms.

Step 9: Wow Ching Chang Pow Zap Wap!

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Now you can impress your friends with your amazing skin!

Step 10: Support

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If you need any help or support comment to this post or email and I will answer ASAP! Also, visit my new blog at here, (Wait 5 seconds and click "Skip Ad").


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This gives you a lot on in game options.

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