How to Get Fat



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Introduction: How to Get Fat

Are you tired of being fit? Do you want to be like Bob or Ted? Maybe even like Sam? We all want to be like Sam. Don't worry you have come to the right place!

Step 1: Eating

Eat what ever you want when ever you want. Make sure to eat at least 5,000 calories a day.

Step 2: On Your Butt

Sit on your butt all day.

Step 3: Ya Your Fat!!!

High five!! Wait your to fat to give me a high five because you cant lift your arm!



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    Well, that was... uneventful. I am a naturally skinny person. I can eat what ever I want. I want to bulk up and gain fat. I was hoping this I'ble would be on doing just that. Sad really...

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    me too, it's called a fast metabolism.!

    Eat more, move around less. I would recommend getting 5 dozen donuts, going to the sofa, and then trying to eat them before 10 minutes has passed. Then wash it down with a 2 liter bottle of soda.

    Ummm., if you're skinny, how are you supposed to eat 60 donuts in 10 minutes and then chug a 2 liter bottle of soda? thats eating 6 donuts a minute; pretty fattening, but very hard. (also known as 1 donut per 10 seconds)

    Practice makes prefect.

    by then, you wont be skinny anymore...

    Oh, put gravy on everything. EVERYTHING!!!! And fry it. Take a stick of butter, fry it, and then cover it with gravy.

    TRY to eat them that fast.

    put them in a blender and make a shake of them using the soda instead of milk.

    me 2 and hi bow master

    eat pure fat!!!

    ditto . . .I probably have one of the worst diets and I never see any change . . .*ducks and glances around for flying objects* perhaps we ought to be careful :P

    If you really want to gain weight, eat only once a day. I know it sounds shocking, but when your body gets used to eating only one meal a day, it figures "Okay, so I've got 24 hours to burn x-amount of calories" and thus stores the calories as fat more and thus you have less energy to move around, making you even fatter. The real kicker, though, is to eat everything you can stomach with gravy. Sure, you can snack, but only one big meal per day.

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    snacking would be like a couple more meals...

    No, snacking is snacking. A box of cookies does not a "couple more meals" make.

    First of all, once you would start snacking, well, it's kind of hard to resist not to  snack even more, so once you would eat a box of cookies, you'd probably go get some more....

    Anyways, wouldn't a whole box of cookies still be a lot? I don't think that it's just considered as a snack, unless it would be someone who eats a lot's opinion...

    Just graze slowly all day.