Step 2:

Step 3: Fart Noises

<p>A Dremel would work too...</p><p>But this way is more fun :D</p>
Good taste in games!
But I want an Autobot killing robot!
Heh, send a money order to Hasbro, I'm sure they can fill you an order. :P
Yay! My robot arrived! It is currently destroying upper Missouri!
those 4 diodes are a diode bridge, they convert the AC to DC power. <br>I especially like the method of extracting the internals :)
Mhm, I already knew they were the Bridge rectifier, but i didn't know if they were power diodes, or could handle large amounts of amps or voltage. Turns out the ones i got could handle around 5 amps.
ahh. you'll want to save those for some special projects...

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