How to Get Free DVD Rentals for Life!





Introduction: How to Get Free DVD Rentals for Life!

I know it may sound too good to be true, but really it is true no joke. By using RedBox DVD rental kiosks it's now possible, just watch the video 2:23. The site to go for codes is

Step 1: What Is RedBox?

Redbox Automated Retail, LLC was initially funded by McDonald's Ventures, LLC. McDonalds sold 47 % to Coinstar a year after Redbox split from McD's. The company operates automated DVD rental kiosks, primarily located at McDonald's restaurants (more than 6000) in additon to McDonalds Redbox is in around 100 clients. From Albertsons to Walgeens. Redbox's business model allows customers to rent DVDs for $1 per day, with no late fees.

basically this info was taken from:

Step 2: Now How to Get Free DVD's.

This may not work in every state. But I have done this many times and it still works for me. So how it works is basically what the video says by using free codes that allow for free DVD rentals to be made. the free Rental codes can be found at this site



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What if you just put a blank CD in the box when you return it?

You will be charged the cost on the DVD on your card.

you dont even need to put the cd back, my aunt did that once.

there is a code on the disk itself, and if the machine can not read it it won't take it. though if you photocopy the label and put it on the blank disk it would work. PS: (I would not recommend doing this because they have keep track on who had it last, it would take just 1 call to get you into trouble)

I love at the end how he says "If you keep it for more than a day they'll charge you a dollar a day; that's why you use your credit card."

i'll have to try this next time i'm at a piggly wiggly

Going to try this today.