How to Get Free Apps and Games on Ios Devices Works for IOS 7.0.4


Introduction: How to Get Free Apps and Games on Ios Devices Works for IOS 7.0.4

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This is an awesome thing that you really need, any apps and games you want for free without jailbreaking!! Its a must have, watch the video for the instructions :)

Just incase the embedded video doesn't work heres the link:

Heres the links...   





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    Hi. I have a problem. I live in SA, and when I try the link it says Safari cannot connect to server. Can you give me some advice?

    Should do, there was a recent update which made it work for the iphone 5 i think.

    downloading random .exe files from someone promising free things you say? Seems like a good way to quickly infect your computer with something awful.

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    You can see me using it in the video.

    Anything that gives a paid version for free is illegal, unless the source is paying for it for you, which is unlikely.

    apparently also offers jail breaks for iOS 703 and lower haven't tested yet since I'm on 704

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    I would not try to jailbreak yet. But you dont need it for this app

    The 'Tong Bu Tui' Software is made by a company called 'Wang Qin','Wang Qin' is the biggest malware making company in China.It was pricked the bubble by China Central Television a lot of times.But,as I said,collusion between government and businessmen,you know.

    Please,just BE CAREFUL.

    I'm from China,I Know this software,in Chinese it's called 'Tong Bu Tui',all paid apps in it are illegally cracked version,be careful if you are not in China,we use it cuz China'GOV don't do legal supervision and management of intellectual property.

    Is it legal? Also, my anti-virus program scanned the website download, and said it could harm my computer, safe??

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    Promise its safe, I use it to download minecraft in the video. I'm pretty sure its legal, it has a lot of users and you don't need to jailbreak.