How to Get Free Magnets!





Introduction: How to Get Free Magnets!

This might just be the most simple project I have ever posted on instructables. And yet so practical. Instead of buying expensive strong magnets you can get them for free! Just keep on reading.

Step 1: You Will Need:

  • an old headset

Step 2: Gutting In

We will try to  find ways to get in to the headset without ruining it. But if you have had a bad day, just rip off that plastic and throw it to the ground, then angrily stepping on it. If not, just follow on. To start with, we can take of the squishy foam thingies that make it more comfortable to wear. When you have taken that off, look for some small screws or something that holds the plate to the rest of the headset. In my case it was three things that I just pushed inwards against the middle and then removed the plate.

Step 3: We Can See the Magnet!

That brass colored thing in the middle of the plate, contains the magnet. If you are unsure of what part is the magnet, test it out with an other magnet or something made out of metal. Use some muscles and drag the whole speaker off. 

Step 4: The Finishing Step

If you see a black thing that has got some coil wrapped around it, it is probably the magnet. Do as I did in this picture and press on the magnet.  if it doesn´t come out you can use tools for hammering it out (This did not happen to me, and will probably not happen to you). Repeat this for the other speaker. And there it lays. An OK sized and strong magnet, just waiting to be used for your awesome projects. And please, have some fun.



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    A powerful and strong magnet

    Is their a big manet

    Really? I think I have an old hard drive ill go take it apart .

    2 replies

    Cool! But be careful! You do not want the hard drive to be plugged in

    Obviously you should never take apart an electronic device that was plugged in, but, you probably wouldn't get shocked because most hard drives work on 5 volts

    I learned this "trick" a couple years ago and so far I've collected over one hundred magnets...

    I've always wanted one of those flip clocks they're really cool!

    1 reply


    I took apart one of those old flip clocks the ones with the spinning numbers like the one in Groundhog Day

    1 reply

    Cool!! I had no idea those contained magnets! Did some research and found out it contains a motor with gears that continuously turn and make the flaps go around! And as you know, a motor contains a strong magnet! Thanks, I learned something new today.

    Also there are huge magnets inside stereo speakers (some anyway) and they're usually cool and circular too. Thanks! I love magnets. I really would love to have a rare-earth magnet, but it would probably mean that an entire mountain needed to be leveled to get one :(

    1 reply

    Cool! If you want a neodymium magnet, take a part an old hard drive like gzechner wrote earlier, and you will get a decent strong rare earth magnet. Or you could just buy a small one in your hardware store, it should not be too expensive, if there aren´t any hardware stores in your area you can buy them online for next to nothing! And if you are really lucky you might find a neodymium magnet from a speaker? Anyway, good luck!

    Thanks you just saved me the trouble of buying magnets great project good job

    1 reply

    Thank you!

    Great Job!
    Great Magnets you can also get from old destroyed Harddrives!
    they are REALLY strong!

    1 reply

    Thanks! I have also heard that the magnets from hard drives are superstrong! One day I might take a hard drive a part.