How to Get Free Samples





Introduction: How to Get Free Samples

In this step by step guide i'm gonna show you how you can get free samples.

But first, the rules you need to know. 

If you don't know what a FPGA is, Don't sample it.

If you sample something, buy something (just be fair)

Don't oversample  

And don't sell your free samples, please give respect to the company.

Note somme companies require a business e-mail adress  just use 10 minute mail 

Step 1: Ressistors  ( i got 10 resistors from them) you wil neet a business email adress  ( i only got 2 resistors from them ) you need to fil in an inquiry

Step 2: Led's

Step 3: Semiconductors

Step 4: Connectors

Step 5: Enclosures you need to call them first   a sails rep wil contact you ( i just recived my samples klik here for pictures) 

Step 6: Others free shipping only for USA adresses You may be able to get a sample Basic Stamp 1 (or other parallax products) from them if you politely contact the sales dept. (they don't offer samples anymore) ( see email reponse)  They even offer free evaluation kits on some items. They check each order with a sales contact.

Step 7: The End

I hope you coud do something with this guide.




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I'm ordered some stuff from Zilog, and they accepted to send me what i choose. My question is: the shipping it's forr free, even if i live in Europe?

TNX for response.

@kiralylorand When I ordered my samples it was free. (but that was 1 year ago) I could be that they've changed it. But be sure to ask them upfront.

@Hippymike96 I Will try them out and if there good, i'l might make a instructable about it.

You can get freebies from websites like Or

sorry for the late response,
Normally thy won't charge shipping.
Bouns is only for resistors and similar things
for 555 ers you can use the tI site
for transistors you can use the National site
if they ask you for a business e-mail just use 10minute mail

Just say something on company name
just put your phone number on there (doesn't matter if it is a work or personal phone number)
on there site search for the parts you need-> look at the datascheet and their you wil fiend the part numbers from the specific part.

I have a question that as i live in India and if i order samples from, will they charge me for shipping of the materials, i am in need of some 2-3 resistors, a relay, a 555 timer and some transistors?

I went on, they asked me for the company what should i write, I am a school student, the second thing is that, they are asking for work phone, i don't work! and one main thing is that they are asking for part number, now what is that?

pl. do reply I am in need of the above mentioned for one of my school project.