How to Get High Without Taking Any Drugs





Introduction: How to Get High Without Taking Any Drugs

Yep ! It's possible, i've recently find an extraordinary software called i-doser. It's very simple, i'm gonna explain.

The software is supposed to simulate the effects of drugs, like cocaine, marijuana, or to help you making lucid dream, or get rid of a headaches ...

If you're still interested, go on reading !

Step 1: Dowload the Software.

First of all, you got to download the software, it's free, and there is no spyware, i swear :D

Dowload here : EDIT : The right link :

Then install it, you can already try i-doser with the two free samples that are included at the begginning, "content" and "alcoohol", you guess that it's supposed to reproduce the effect of drunkeness. For additionnal sounds, go on reading !

Step 2: Dowload Additional Sounds

There is more than 170+ "doses" they each costs ~3,99$ EDIT : I apologize, i can't let the dowload link here, you got to find by yourself. (I will not be responsable of illegal dowloads, thank you)

You will need winrar to extract the files, once it's extract, you will got approximately 170 sounds, to use them, launch the software i-doser, click on "Open Dose", and browse the folder where the doses are.

You got to know that most of the doses are very strong, start with soft one, to know how to start, go on reading !

Step 3: Start Your First Doses !

i advise you to start with Opium, a moderate-strong doses, it causes euphoria, and a big smile on your face ! The doses last 30 minutes, i know it's a bit long, but you won't be disapointed !!

To make sure it's gonna have some effect on you, you must respect some instructions, first, lay down of your bed, and listen to the sounds with headphones, turn the light off, the best is to close your door/light/window ...

After you can try stronger doses, like "Trip" that causes hallucinogenic, of the strongest doses "Hand Of God", that causes euphoria, hallucinogeic, out of body experience, and extreme sensations !

Have a good time with i-Doser !!



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      Humans have been doing this at least since the 80s, its called "Meditation". Nothing new folks :-)

      Can anyone confirm if this really works? Or is it a hold over from Shatner's Tekwar? (Bonus Points if you ever read the books or watched the TV shows)

      4 replies

      anecdotal evidence isn't really evidence!

      Ya, it works if you believe it works. The human mind is an extraordinary thing, even the simple and undereducated ones that this stuff works on.

      It's based on the theory of binaural beats, a rather shaky theory at best, there's been a program called brainwave generator since the 90's but they only promoted it as being for studying, insomnia, etc. Any effect is most likely the placebo effect.

      How to get high without drugs? Exercise?

      given the fact you're advocating illegal downloads... consider this flagged.

      1 reply

      I've just removed the link, sorry, i though i could put not directly put the link, but a tinyurl link. Thank you for telling me, it's my first instructables :)

      spy site blocked, got another location?