Picture of How to get muffins out of the pan easy
Although I follow all the fundamental procedures, I find it sometimes difficult to get the muffins out of the pan without destroying them or scratching the pan.
I found an easy solution for this.
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Step 1:

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All you need is a medium size plastic cup which has approximately the diameter of a muffin.
Cut off the bottom, cut down the side from top to bottom and round the edges.

Step 2:

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Slide the cup between muffin and pan and rotate it gently.
Once you feel it getting loose you can pull it out.

Step 3:

The audio in my video is German, but I think the images explain themselves.
Hope you like my instructable!
xina153 years ago
Too easy - BRILLIANT. I am a cook in a Childcare Centre and have to make cup cakes and muffins at least once a week - this will be VERY handy. Thank you
Way easier then how I do it.
mistyp3 years ago
Nice! More efficient than jabbing at it with a butter knife 6 times :-)
MaryT8M3 years ago
Great idea!
Mimikry3 years ago
Neat trick!
Very clever! A simple but effective hack. :D